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low rated
Posting this due to my complete disappointment and the fact the game description is wrong.

90% of this game is reliant on your ability to jump using their changing mechanics. ie: One minute water saves you the next it kills you. One minute you can climb cables on towers the next jumping for them (the only obvious grapple) results in death. And this scenario goes on dozens of times within 5 hours of game play.

You could argue you must fight but the fact is fighting is futile with anything beyond the first zombies. The rest are impossible outside pure luck to fight. You're game play is entirely based on running and jumping. Also most of the quests are as well to the point you simply can not continue the game unless you are relentless and hard core about jumping games.

If you are after a true survival/scavenger/zombie game this is NOT it. This is 3D super mario brothers with a minor (at best) twist. Period.

Personally Im stuck at a spot where they have completely changed the mechanics of the game and its 100% based on jumping. Going to give it two more tries and after that request my money back. Why?

Because the description of the game is an out right lie. Had I known it was a platformer game I would have not even watched the intro video let alone bought it. I would go so far as to say that legally its false advertising because the scenes they record account for perhaps 1-3% of actual game play.

Is it worth 60? Even if you are a die hard hippity hoppity gamer, no. Maybe 20.

Also please note outside of making backups (with random failures) you have one save so you get to repeat things when mechanics change in the middle of game play and you plunge you're death constantly.
Well not to be devil's advocate or anything but the main page does say this:

"PARKOUR-STYLE MOVEMENT - Whether you hunt or escape the hunters, you can move around the city with ease and speed. Jump between rooftops, climb walls, and attack your foes from above. Dying Light gives players a freedom of movement never seen in open world games before."

I can relate a bit, as I've never been much of a parkour/platformer fan before either, and reading this made me think twice about getting the game. But I've since had the opposite reaction and found that i can appreciate this in a game. It's very necessary in this game to have some reliable way to escape the hordes, and just like in the Walking Dead, well - the zeds don't climb well. ;)

Yeah the parkour-style movement is the same "free-running" kind of idea from Assasin's Creed. And it is dynamic, based on what is around you, how your character will "free-run". I'm playing DL and AC:Black Flag both currently though, and I have to say I find DL's free-running to be much more intuitive - its much more common in AC that my character will do something I don't expect, whereas that almost never happens to me in DL. Might just be lucky that it clicks with my natural play style more.

Now I have to totally disagree on the fighting, and say maybe you haven't done enough of it to see. But I find it to be very skill based - you get better at it the more you play, and luck is rarely a factor. And there are dozens of ways to kill a zombie, more and more open up the more you play, and each move or attack seems to have an ideal use based on the type of zombie you are fighting and "your particular arena of combat" ;). You can even use things in the environment to kill them - starting fires, putting a live eletric wire into water, knocking them off rooftops etc. I have killed hundreds and hundreds of zombies now and am still finding unique ways to dispatch them at times.

Hmm... you don't *have* to do the parkour stuff necessarily, once you get past the scripted starting sequences... In fact you've made me curious now, just how long I could survive without using any climbing or rooftops. I'll have to try a play session where i remain on the ground and simply fight/run/hide. Btw, you can sneak around pretty well, if you're very careful to keep quiet and out of clear sight....

Don't mean to be a fanboi, but this has been my fav new game of the last few years, so thought I'd post some positive counterpoints.

But to each their own! This one may not be for you, but I know I'm not the only one around who thinks this is perhaps the best zombie-action open-world game to date.
I agree with Aroid,

This is one of the best games I played in years.

The need to jump and climb is a key part of the game. A bit like bemoaning Portal, for having portal based puzzles. I think the OP was thinking it was going to be like H1Z1 or Dead Island.

At the beginning zombies are tough, you start of under equipped and out numbered. Run and hide is the only way to survive.

As you progress, you get to take the fight back. Then the power shifts again, with you running and hiding.

Personally I'm playing co-op with my wife, who is never been the best at FPS games. Yet she's leaping from building to building like Spiderman.
The start of the game is more reminiscent of Dead Island, but by endgame zombies aren't really a threat any more. Still, Dying Light is the best zombie game I have played since Resident Evil Remake.
I love this game. the whole jumping thing feels very realistic and fluid (although you`d probably kill yourself in real life). It`s very intuitive what to jump on and when. i`ve escaped situations quick and easy because I don`t even think about it -Make sure you have your buttons set.

It`s so good I simply wouldn`t call it a platformer. In fact `platformer` gives a completely wrong impression, since I hate platformers. You feel simply like a very athletic guy who can run and jump, pretty much like some of those guys you see doing it in real life, just check U-tube!

Heck you can run all along the ground if you want to risk being grabbed by zombies if you hate it that much!

I had this game on Steam a year ago and was really pleased to grab it off GOG.

I don`t care if a person likes it or not, but to tell others not to play just because you can`t handle it? That`s sad.
The description is actually very clear. I didnt know much about it when I bought it, but I read the description and knew exactly what I was getting in to. It emphasizes parkour in the description, so Im not sure how you missed it. In addition, the videos of gameplay all emphasize the parkour as well.