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0.436.3 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- Emergency shutdown of fission reactors adjusted. You now need to score a direct hit into the reactor with a microwave or other EMP effect to trigger an emergency shutdown. This affects microwave stun locking (both player ship and NPC ships) and the ability to pick up certain objects that emit EMP pulses.
- Astrogator map will update now when you astrogate to a temporary point of interest.
- Updated credits screen with latest contributors.

Feedback Focus: The most prominent change is the fission reactor response from being hit with microwaves, and I'd love to hear your feedback on this.
0.436.6 hits the experimental branch, fixing:
- You can't turn in the same pirates over to Vilcy multiple times by flying away and returning back for extra bounties.
- Notifications about the crew and ship changes for multiple persons or ships will now queue the names correctly.
- Some of the ships were spinning in the preview screen at Dealer.
- Ships won't detach and drift around the Enceladus when you are busy with menus.
- Ship condition markers won't be visible through other menus anymore.
- Adjusted display of EIME hull so captured cargo containers will now look like they are inside your cargo hold, not above it.
- Geologists won't put two competing mineral markers over a single ore chunk anymore
- Cancelling language selection will now update the language box to the previous language correctly.
- Enabling hardware mouse won't break gamepad compatibility anymore.
- Recon drone camera offset for Eagle Prospector now depends on the HUD installed, not ship you fly, so after retro-fitting, another HUD camera will centre on the screen correctly.

Feedback Focus: Bugs fixed. If you reported a bug and it's listed above, please make sure it did actually go away.
0.437.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring new experimental memory management.

There is a new option in your setting menu, allowing you to choose between faster loading times, conserved video memory or automatic selection. This feature is aimed at players that were running out of video memory in their games, which caused serious performance degradation. Enabling the memory conversation will more aggressively purge all the textures and should mitigate the problem, with a drawback of slower loading times. Automatic mode (the default) tries to figure out if you need the video conservation or not by itself. Since video ram reporting from some cards is unreliable (the game engine reports other usage values than the system), the automatic mode relies on performance observation. It will trigger a more aggressive memory management mode when it sees your framerate getting low for the first time.

Feedback Focus: Performance and quirks. If you did not experience VRAM-related framerate issues there should be no change for you - but since this changes how the game manages memory on a very basic level, there might be unexpected quirks and I'd like to hear about all of them. If you, however, did experience performance problems, the feedback I'd like to hear is twofold. First, does enabling the memory conservation option help your case. And if it does, does the automatic system detect and enable it for you.
0.438.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Crew portrait VRAM optimization. Video memory usage is now further decreased, improving performance on systems with low video ram memory. As a side effect, the crew might look a bit more rugged. It should not be noticeable in most conditions.
- Fixed docking arm at Enceladus that was not holding your ship properly.
- Adjusted number of hardpoint mounts on Eagle Prospector. Mounted Mining Companions are now held further away from the ship and articulated mass-drivers are further away and slightly rotated, so they won't shoot into your own ship nose.

Feedback Focus: Performance, visuals and piloting Eagle Prospector.
0.439.0 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- Eagle Prospector cradle mounting points changed for Nakamura-Titan Mining Companion and Titan Heavy Industries Cargo Container, moving both of them forward, out of the way of your thrusters. This makes handling the ship bit harder, but much less prone to accidentally overheating reactors. Mining companions are also in a good spot to assist mining while still attached to your ship.
- Fixed a bug that would cause big asteroids to not be targetable and ignored by AI if you started mining them with your grinder and then backed away.

Feedback Focus: Flying an Eagle Prospector with NTMC or THICC.
0.439.3 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed a number of bugs regarding the initialization of ships, which caused hardware simulations to behave erratically for some ships, especially light ones.
- Moved cradle mounts for Titan Heavy Industries Cargo Containers on Eagle Prospector a bit back, so it doesn't interfere with mining using a grinder.
- If you follow a pirate to his station, you'll find just one station, not two.
- Incapacitating a pirate and sitting next to him no longer counts as following him.
- Ganymedean Anarchy station won't greet you with cargo transfer dialogue if you didn't agree to trade, but still docked to it.
- Docking arms will hold Elon Interstellar Model E from the top, just like all the other ships.
- Weapons on Elon Interstellar Model E are mounted on top of the ship again.
- Fixed docking arm at Enceladus, which tried to align your ship at an angle, causing light ships to swing wildly when launching from the station.
- Eagle Prospectors will not rotate randomly when they first appear.
- Caller faces will now display on all dialogues that should have them.
- Improved the initial cutscene velocity computation, which makes all ships stop in similar space. This prevents some ships from stopping before even entering the rings, while others flew far past the entry point. You can still make a ship that's too heavy for your thrusters and torches and won't be able to stop in the designated spot.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. We fixed a lot of bugs in recent few experimental releases, it's time to push it to all the players. I'm still looking for feedback on the new Eagle Prospector cradle configuration, but please report anything that you feel works worse than in the default branch.
0.439.6 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed some of the typos.
- Added more translations.
- Big Bad Wolf's will now docking arm will now release you if you keep your autopilot activated.
- Software cursor won't be visible in the pause menu if you enabled the hardware cursor.
- Ships won't spin out of control when you rapidly switch between simulations in the Tuning menu.

Feedback Focus: With only minor bugfixes, this is a release candidate. Please report anything that works worse than in the current stable branch.
0.439.7 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- Switching to another tuning simulation without adjusting the tuning value won't invisibly re-set that value to the one you had when you first entered tuning.
- There is only one SRA01 habitat and it won't move. Its occupants will persist.
- AEMD14 massdriver was located 3m further back than the other massdrivers, causing it to hit the excavator when mounted on the central hardpoint of K37.

Feedback Focus: Bugs fixed. If you reported a bug and it's mentioned here, please verify that it is fixed for you.
v0.440.0 just hit an experimental branch, featuring:
- Improved shader cache, eliminating a brief lag when the ship is about to explode.
- Performance improvements in ship simulation code.

Feedback Focus: With some time shaven off the ship simulation code, you should experience better performance when multiple ships are simulated. If you had a bad experience with multiple ships on-screen, this patch should improve it. Do let me know if it either does or does not - both are important data points. The improvement changes the way your ship accesses its systems, which should not, but could have a number of side effects. Please also report anything weird going on with your on-board systems - during flight, in tuning and in hardware menu.
0.440.3 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- Reverted performance optimization from 0.440.0. While it showed better performance, it broke ship dealer and tuning menu - another approach is required.
- Adjusted Voyager RSLS shape for Eagle Prospector, with wider and gentler throat.
- THI Cargo Containers mounted on Eagle Prospector are located further from the hull and should not damage thrusters with impacts during rapid manoeuvres.

Feedback Focus: Eagle Prospector changes.
0.440.4 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- All manner of docking arms - cradles, station docks, Enceladus docks and salvage manipulators - used different computation for their in-game orientation and cutscene orientation. Due to two overlaid bugs the results mostly aligned to same point, but resulted in a strange swinging behaviour of cradled equipment after cutscenes, and could force your cradled equipment to end up at strange angles after a cutscene.
- If you loaded a save made directly after returning to Enceladus with ore, ore mineral values could shift slightly from save to save.

Feedback Focus: Cradled equipment and arms in general had a significant change in their codebase. Please report anything weird going on with them.
0.441.0 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Performance improvements in spaceships simulation code. This patch should improve your performance when multiple ships are simulated, assuming you were CPU-bound.
- Fine-tuned torque setting for cradled NT Mining Companions.

Feedback Focus: Performance! This patch also includes a special test mode that will launch you directly into a two-ship encounter, with your Eagle equipped with dual mining companions. You can use that to assess your performance quickly, without waiting for an encounter. To trigger the performance test, run command line:

Delta-V.exe --test res://tests/TestPerformance.tscn

The test is case-sensitive. Should you opt to use it, exit it with alt-F4 ; it's not a full game and trying to go back to main menu will have unexpected side-effects.
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0.441.3 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- Adjusted rendering options to improve performance on low-end systems.
- Optimized reactor leaks.
- Lifepods are now recognized as ship parts when held by cradles and will be respected by gimbaled RCS safety systems.
- Lazy loading of ship dialogue trees improves performance wherever ships are visible, but not expected to communicate (ie. the Dealer screen).

Feedback Focus: Performance.
0.441.5 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Lifepods now count as both cargo and ships, so they are avoided by gimballed thruster safety procedures, but still don't count towards foreign bodies when in cargo holds. This fixes the astrogation bug when lifepods are in cargo space introduced in experimental 0.441.3.
- Fixed render order for docking arms at habitats, phage stations and the space bar, so they don't appear to grab Elon Interstellar Model E from below.
- For some ships, the date of manufacture could shift within the production year. This didn't affect anything right now, but I fixed it to avoid future bugs.
- Further increased torque output of NT Mining Companion cradles. This increases their power consumption when adjusting the Companions alignment but allows them to align them from impacts or rapid manoeuvres.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. This version contains a critical performance patch for AMD Radeon graphics cards (introduced in 0.441.3) and fixes to all new bugs reported since then. Please report both game performance - if you were affected by the AMD issue (both reports of improved performance and lack of improvement are useful and welcome), as well as any quirks you come across that would prevent us from releasing this ASAP into the wild.
0.442.0 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- New visual cue for hearing impaired users, designed to be more clear on what music is playing and what does this music mean.
- Visual cue will be visible when game is put on a monitor with portrait orientation.
- Discharges generated by SPC Gungnir will not persist when you change a hardware simulation/preview.
- Tighter physics collision detection settings to prevent ores from intersecting with ship hulls on hypervelocity impacts and high-g manoeuvres.

Feedback Focus: Ore quirks and performance. Boosting the accuracy of physics collision detection always has a drawback of lower performance. I hope that it will not be noticeable, but if you see slowdowns, especially in situations where many collisions are happening (asteroid impacts, or just flying with full cargo hold), please let me know. As with any physics setting change, I'll also like to hear about any physics quirks you encounter.