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0.425.4 hits experimental branch, fixing:
- stray bullets not losing autopilot lock when you get them into your cargo
- items held in arms and cradles could be targeted by guiding drone, causing your systems to fight over it
- autopilot rotational adaptation for ER42 and MA-337 autopilots could get confused by powerful pulsed thrusters

Feedback Focus: The most significant change is the learning curve for AAT system for ER42 and MA-337 autopilots. While they both behaved much better in my tests, this is complex system and you might experience some issues with it. You should watch how well the ship handles rotations with different layouts, specifically. When in trouble, you can always reboot your computer to reset it to clean slate.
0.426.0 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- disposition changes for patrols propagate, so you won't end up with one Vilcy leaving you alone while other shadows you, or one pirate harassing you when you made truce with the other one.
- phage-class stations and habitats won't try to rotate to face you anymore
- some of the pilots, civilian, Vilcy and pirates alike, are able to fly on manual, not relying solely on autopilots
- dialogue option that results in you hanging up now has a distinct hang-up indicator

Feedback Focus: The most significant change in this release in the NPC ability to fly without autopilots. Game now tracks the NPC pilot skill, and about 50% of them are able to pilot their ship - with varying degree of success - even when under sustained microwave fire. This changes combat balance significantly, as microwaves and microwave point-defense weapons are no-longer instant stun lock. Please focus on combat balance and difficulty in your feedback.
0.426.1 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- fixes edge runner ship thruster allocations, so it's nimble again

Feedback Focus: Edge runner encounters.
0.426.4 hits experimental branch, with:
- drones and claim beacons won't try to turn to face you
- AI will not be afraid of itself - and thus your point defense will never shoot your own beacons and drones
- astrogating with a lifepod in a cradle won't cause your ship to spin uncontrollably
- increasing physics simulation FPS caused your excavator to deal less damage to rocks
- you can't send over your crew to a ship that is being actively salvaged by search & rescue team
- CERF will not rotate backwards during fast transits, as it's symmetrical anyway
- derelict ships that you manage to boot up won't follow you through astrogation jumps
- catching ship with AR1500 manipulator when you have an autopilot lock on it's reactor or other equipment will release that lock
- adjusted physics collision settings to prevent cargo from phasing through ship hulls

Feedback Focus: This release comes with lot of fixes, but the most volatile ones are physics changes and arm/cradle changes. Please be on a lookout for any physics-related glitches, as well as AR1500 or arm-mounted equipment (mining companions, claim beacons, impact absorbers, etc.) behaving erratically.
0.427.0 hits experimental branch, with salvage rebalance.
Derelict ships are now more damaged and should be bit more challenging to catch. This is meant to offset the price you are usually getting for recovered derelicts - it's meant to be high-risk high-reward mission, and it should especially reward skillful piloting or taking big changes.

Feedback Focus: Salvaging balance.
0.427.1 just hit experimental branch, featuring:
- ability to ask Vilcy patrols for drop point coordinates even when you already have bounty-hunting license
- fixed "reset to default" for microwaves not resetting the resonance to the default 50%
- cargo hold adjustments on Elon Interstellar Model E to prevent ore escaping and re-entering cargo hold and causing damage to systems during rapid spins

Feedback Focus: Quirks when piloting EIME.
0.427.6 hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Added delay between messages from different ships and entities, so you don't get a new conversation just as you are finishing your current one, as that could cause you to overlook a new message while you hang up.
- Elon Interstellar Model E cargo bay doors are much less likely to damage themselves on front-mounted weapons during hard burns.
- Nuclear Activated Nanoparticle Incinerator is now much more resistant to being misaligned - but if you manage to misalign it, it's more significant.
- Crew quests and agendas for inactive crew members is stored in save file, enabling other persons to have same story at a different stage.

Feedback Focus: The most significant change is in the dialogue/comms system. It should be mostly transparent, but please report any comm weirdness you come across.
0.427.7 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- Added mipmapping to some icons missing it.
- Re-balanced reactor leak damage. Reactors are now less likely to leak seriously, but when they finally do, the leak is bigger.
- Adjusted physics collision detection settings to prevent dead bodies from entering reactors without proper shielding.
- Fixed a race condition in microseismic drone, also affecting your cargo scanner.
- Bullets shot from a ship that moves quickly sidewise won't hit it's own hull anymore.

Feedback Focus: New reactor damage balance.

0.428.1 hits experimental branch. It should be exactly the same as 0.427.7 in every way - but all the assets, ad scripts were re-built from sources in order to isolate and fix CTD problems on some machines.

Feedback Focus: Please report anything that you see different between 0.428.1 and 0.427.7. You can access 0.427.7 in the beta branch.
0.429.1 hits experimental branch, with:
- Neither player-owned ships nor derelicts will change faction disposition. This will prevent your PDT or microwaves from firing on bounty hunters if they were scared of them, and inabilities to contact derelict ships - but will also mean that AI-controlled weapons and drones will always engage pirates, even if you made truce with them. Use autonomic systems with care.
- Fixed a bug that caused drone and claim beacon dialogue to glitch out if you stayed 100m or closer to the beacon. This will prevent claim drone automatically cancelling your claim even if you chose option and paid. This affects claim beacons, mining companions and cargo containers.
- Derelict ships are now marked as independent and shooting at them will not cause other derelicts to be mad at you.

Feedback Focus: The significant change is in the comms/dialogue code, so please be on a lookout for any dialogue weirdness.
0.429.3 hits experimental branch, featuring:
New texture compression format included with game binaries, aimed at GPUs and drivers that are not able to properly process our previous format. This build features all textures in bptc format, in addition to previously used s3tc and etc2. If you previously had excessively high VRAM usage while playing dV, please verify if it's less now. Nominal usage should be around 1.18GB, with additional 0.5-2GB used for viewports, depending on your resolution and settings. As a side-effect, download size is now bigger due to extra textures included.

Feedback Focus: VRAM usage, especially on Radeon cards.

0.429.4 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- ER42 racing autopilot now has Fly-By-Wire capability.
- Improved performance for Elon Interstellar Model E HUD.
- Ships equipped with EI1337 autopilots could override commands given in dialogue. That resulted in some recovered derelicts mining the rings instead of returning to Enceladus immediately.
- THI Cargo Containers that are not owned by the player will not initiate docking comms.

Feedback Focus: Still looking for feedback on performance and video ram use on Radeon cards.
0.430.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- ND-PNTR torch rebalance. It's now capable of vectored thrust, making it much more useful for ships that lack serious RCS rotational thrust.
- Default Cothon-212 configuration adjusted to feature Nakamura autopilot required to make good use of the vectored thrust of it's stock PNTR torch.

Feedback Focus: PNTR torch.
0.430.5 just hit experimental branch, featuring:
- Improved visuals of PNTR torch. It's not easier to spot the warmup stage and direction of the thrust.
- When your crew talks to you about derelicts and you don't respond, they will get impatient and can ask again.
- Miners will now return money they owe you faster and stop pestering you after they do.
- Tampered drones are not considered prisoners anymore.
- Radiators of fission ships that is about to breach containment will radiate brightly as they desperately attempt to eject heat.
- Performance logs were affected by current time scale (adrenaline boost, cutscene fast-forward) making spotting performance bottlenecks more challenging than it needed to be.

Feedback Focus: Visuals.
0.430.11 is in the experimental branch, featuring:
- Hostile actions against a faction have diminishing returns now, so you won't turn everyone in a given faction against you when get into combat with one of their members.
- It will take a bit longer to build up faction confidence when assisting them in combat.
- Control key preview for upgrades is visible again.
- When you agree to meet someone in a week, the event won't trigger if you go there immediately.
- New visuals for reactor meltdown.

Feedback Focus: Faction interactions.

0.431.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Geologist tab in the OMS now features cargo hold display, including processed cargo storage and cargo estimations.
- Bald Eagle now can mount a limited number of hardware on it's low-stress hardpoints. Cradled equipment is not available.
- Fixed missing EIME cabin lights.
- Grinders of Eagle Prospector and Mining Companions are now visible inside caves.
- The Space Bar will not offer you drinks before you dock.
- Updated translations

Feedback Focus: The Bald Eagle.
0.431.1 hits the experimental branch, fixing an old bug that caused individual ships to not be very hostile against you, even if you wronged them badly. You could still get a hostile response from other members of their faction, but not from them.

Feedback Focus: Hostile interactions.
0.431.4 hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Removed lag when selling a lot of ores at once.
- Updated translations. Renamed "Upgrades" menu to "Equipment".
- Cargo display on the Geologist tab will update the inventory much quicker, not showing the ores that were processed.
- Fixed a bug in individual disposition system that caused individual ships to never be truly hostile towards you.
- Extended the demo. You can now load saves, as long as less than 30 days passed in the game.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate.