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0.502.2 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Removed blinking lights on Enceladus station. This both increases the rendering performance of the menu and removes some visual clutter, which was overwhelming with a new display screen installed on the station.
- Re-encoded all video files to improve playback compatibility and decrease download size.
- Reduced the brightness of the dockside display to make text legible.

Feedback Focus: Immersion, graphics glitches at Enceladus.
0.502.3 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Improved buffering of the video player. Videos now have more time to load and buffer.
- Video player can now be disabled by setting light details down.
- Fixed a bug that froze the video if you paused and unpaused the game a couple of times while a movie was playing.

Feedback Focus: Immersion, graphics glitches at Enceladus.
0.502.4 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Viewport resolution and screen modes were set whenever you changed any display settings, which could trigger window border flashing when you adjusted unrelated settings. They will now be set only when you change display mode or monitor.
- Amount of available camera panning in both smart camera and direct camera modes was affected by the resolution of your display. You could pan further out in higher resolutions.
- Updated translations and fixed some typos.

Feedback Focus: Display settings, especially on Linux and Mac systems. Toggling display mode (windowed/fullscreen/borderless window) should still work as expected, but moving sliders for details (ie. light, plume details) should not cause the window decorations to flicker in and out.
0.503.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Non-unique astrogation targets. Your astrogator can now track multiple moonlets, anomalies and lidar contacts at a time.
- All settings changes get propagated immediately when you apply settings and don't require restarting.

Feedback Focus: Astrogation. With the new non-unique functionality your astrogation target list might grow much bigger - but since tracking time is limited, places you are not interested in will slowly fade away. Please let me know how that plays out for you during normal gameplay.
0.504.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- THI Monocargo Containers are now available for purchase. A single-ore THICC variant for specialized mining runs.
- Equipment labels in your OMS menu were off-centre.
- Added a tool that will correct some astrogation-related savegame issues upon loading your save.
- Added a layer of backwards compatibility for older saves.

Feedback Focus: THI Monocargo Containers. I'm also still looking at feedback on recent astrogation changes.
0.505.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Mineral targeting options for the AR1500 Salvage Manipulator, configurable on your Geologist tab.

Feedback Focus: Using the ARM.
0.505.6 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- If you meet up with the racing team after you schedule a race, they will acknowledge that.
- Some of the buttons sounds in the settings menu were played more than once, making them much louder.
- Cradles for THICC and Mining Companions won't pick their docking targets based on the ore selection you pick in the geologist screen. This caused Mining Companion to be prematurely released with some Geologist setups.
- You won't receive twin notifications for the same discovery when you go inside already-discovered uranium caves or a space bar.
- Updated translations.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything that's worse than in the current stable branch.
0.506.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Your crew is now visible when they perform EVA activities.
- EVA crew floating around Enceladus are now properly affected by the camera movement.
- You can now tune the autopilot angular velocity limit up to 360 deg/s.
- Exploding reactors now cause flashes on the visual feed.

Feedback Focus: Immersion. Most of the features added in this release are cosmetic changes meant to reinforce the feeling that the game is a living breathing world and the actions described through dialogue actually happen. Should be most relevant during crewed salvage operations.
0.507.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- New camera options.
- Fixed hacking commands to match actual shell syntax used.
- Added missing achievement.

Feedback Focus: The new camera options.
0.509.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- When you edited your graphics settings on the Enceladus menu, the docking arm activated some strobe lights, that are not supposed to be active while you are docked.
- Added support for user-submitted video ads, so you can test your submissions in the game. Just create an ads directory next to your save files and drop 400x300 webp or ogv videos inside to preview how they look in the game. Remove the directory to re-enable the default set.
- Chinese and Korean fonts were missing on Eagle Prospector HUD.
- HAL HUD screens won't allow their context to overflow the actual display and the display will now follow the curvature of the screen.
- The physical displays of HAL will now move around much subtler when you perform manoeuvres.
- NPC ships will not attempt to communicate with asteroids anymore.
- Some ship names could overflow the display on Enceladus.
- A warning symbol when your ship doesn't pass the inspection is visible again, but won't obscure the text below it.
- Your cargo manifest is now condensed a bit, so it won't overflow the window if you load up a lot of different minerals.
- When you manage to overflow the cargo manifest in some unexpected way, the cargo bay microseismic scanner won't reset anymore.
- Cargo carried in cargo containers is now displayed separately on your cargo manifest.
- Changed the location of the processed cargo manifest on the Eagle Prospector HUD.
- The repair team at Enceladus that is visible when your ship is damaged won't flicker in and out of existence anymore.
- Improved performance of the Enceladus main menu.
- Fixed some typos.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. This release contains a lot of fixes and QoL polishings, let me know if it works better than the current default branch.
0.510.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Double-tapping the excavator key will now toggle it open - until you tap it again.
- Holding the "maintain position" button will now disable the collision avoidance of EI-1337 autopilot.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything that's worse than in the current stable branch.
0.511.2 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Sensitivity setting for the double-tap excavator controls.
- Phage-class stations won't play mystery music after you discover them.
- If you are astrogating to a known location where there is nothing new to discover, you'll get a normal soundtrack even without updating the coordinates of your target.
- Fixes Chinese fonts on Eagle Prospector HUD which worked only if you booted up the game in English and changed the language later.
- Updated translations.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything that's worse than in the current stable branch.
0.512.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- New modding infrastructure, which allows mods that are less intrusive and more likely to work across game updates. Note that mods are still not officially supported, can cause all kinds of problems, corrupt saves, cause crashes, etc. This is not a feature for the faint of heart at this stage of development. Should you want to try, despite the warnings, find details on mod-library on our discord.
- Fixed some music artefacts on the Enceladus menu.
- The salvage manipulator will now ignore new targets while astrogating. This prevents accidental snatching of a rock during the cutscene, which could result in heavy damage to your ship.
- Sometimes minimum and/or maximum market values were not visible on the Mineral Market.

Feedback Focus: Salvage manipulators. As with all the manipulator updates, we need to be extra careful about bugs and glitches that could sneak by.
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0.512.2 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Alt-tabbing out of the game quickly could make your excavator open just like if you double-tapped the excavator button.
- Certain events, such as habitats and drop points, won't move when you still have a recent track on them.

Feedback Focus: Events and encounters.
0.513.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Obonto habitats can now tell you that they will be relocating soon and changing their location.
- Obonto habitats will not form formations anymore.
- Events you discover during the dialogue will now spread out much more.
- Astrogation points you discover while being at the edge of the ring are now not as likely to also be on the very edge.
- The racing drone will now power up once again if you release it from your cargo hold.
- Rogue THI Cargo Containers will now fly the correct course and are members of a correct faction.
- Your thrusters will not do thermal damage when your ship is out-of-plane of the rings during the final astrogation to Enceladus. This prevents accidental destruction of ships that would not be destroyed during normal flights.

Feedback Focus: Obonto habitats and events discovered via dialogue.