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0.494.4 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Improved dealer performance, especially when you have a lot of ships. Advancing time will not cause your owned ships to refresh anymore.
- Eagle Prospector HUD will now show all installed systems.
- Updated translations.

Feedback Focus: The most significant change in this release is how the Dealer menu works, so please report anything fishy going on there.
0.494.8 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- EIME LIDAR will now display a longer range and will perform better.
- All HUD boot sounds and beeps now respect time/pitch changes from adrenaline boost.
- Hardware simulation window now has a minimum size to ensure that data and descriptions don't overflow it.
- Fixed a number of illegal ship configurations resulting in unlisted hardware on newly bought ships.
- Added a dynamic fix for any subsequent ship configuration mismatches that will ensure that the nearest legal hardware will replace an illegal one if required.
- On-screen notifications will not capture mouse clicks anymore.
- In some cases game wrote a lot of log messages that could slow down the performance.
- Fixed the cargo bay area for K44 to prevent some ore not being counted towards cargo when in the beak of the ship.
- Adjusted the excavator position on K44 to better match the visual ship shape.
- Fixed hotkeys for front low-stress mounts on K44.
- Point defence microwaves installed on rear mounts of K44 can hit targets in front of the ship, and while this is unexpected, it does indeed fit the ship profile so we are keeping this as an emergent feature.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything working worse than in the current stable branch.
0.494.10 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- EIME LIDAR performance improved further, especially evident when installed on KR37.
- Transponder fade away for high-resolution lidars is now longer, so transponders won't pop in and out of the display when laser sweeps surroundings.
- Fixed a bug that caused a massive performance drop when using EIME HUD inside caves or stations and corrupted the LIDAR display.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything working worse than in the current stable branch.
0.495.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed a bug that caused some of your astrogation points to disappear when you acquired them next, even if they should persist for a while this time.
- New haul drone heuristics. Drones are now aware of where your excavator/grinder is and if it's open. They take into account relative velocities of the ore as well as their positions, try to establish a cloud of ore around your ship and load the ones you are pointing at with your cargo bay open. In general, they should assist better in more active mining styles.

Feedback Focus: Haul drones.
0.495.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- fixed a bug in AI collision avoidance code that caused AI to be confused by objects that could not be placed inside cargo holds (big asteroids, moonlets, etc) causing both bad pathfinding and performance degradation.

Feedback Focus: AI behaviour.
0.497.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Runasimi KR37 processed mineral cargo storage raised from 1000kg to 4000kg. This, combined with THICC changes, also rise single processed chunk mass from 500kg to 4000kg of raw mineral.
- THI Cargo Container ore transfer speed raised from 100kg/s to 500kg/s
- You can now customize ore that should be stored in THI Cargo Container on your Geologist OMS tab.
- There is no 500kg trade buffer left by THICC by default now. If you want to trade with a THI-stored mineral, you need to switch the THI pumps to deliver it to your ships.
- The geologist panel will now show you the contents of your THI cargo container and ship processed storage independently.

Feedback Focus: Titan Heavy Industries Cargo Containers.
0.498.4 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- New MLF Haul drone heuristics.
- Fixed music filtering not being disabled when unpausing the pause menu with the "resume the game" button.
- Adjusted augmented reality cargo bay display on Vulture Prospector flying with EIME HUD.

Feedback Focus: Haul drones.
0.498.7 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Mineral market charts will update now when employment status changes, reflecting immediately skill changes.
- When moving the mouse pointer while simultaneously using analogue gamepad controls, with an automatic control scheme enabled, the game would switch between gamepad controls and mouse controls up to 300 times per second, which introduced slowdowns and in rare cases could cause the game to crash.
- Rescued lifepods and bounties won't count as salvaged ships in the ship logs anymore.

Feedback Focus: General.
0.499.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Auxiliary power systems now have mass.
- Combat dialogue won't repeat itself if you are constantly in the same combat circumstances.
- Camera zoom was affected by HUD size as long as your settings window was open. It corrected itself as soon as you exited the pause menu and adjusted the zoom - now it will just not be affected.

Feedback Focus: AUX power system balance and any camera-related weirdness.
0.500.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- The Mineral Market now reacts to the trading you do. Selling ores will drop the prices, and buying them will rise them back. This change is retroactive and will take into account all your past actions in your saves.
- Sometimes mineral market charts would disappear for a short while if you skipped time forward while having the market open.

Feedback Focus: Mineral market. I'm interested in hearing if the effects of your actions are noticeable and if you can spot any weirdness.
0.500.3 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed potential crash to desktop when trying to load a corrupted save.
- An new market influence simulation.

Feedback Focus: Mineral market. The market simulation, as all simulations are by nature, is a simplified one - this is not a stock market game after all, and should not use too many resources for a marginal element. The market should, however, feel real, and feel that you have an influence on it. Large purchases and sales will change the ore prices, and while it should be possible to make money by just playing the market, it should require some timed investments and should carry a bit of risk. The current simulation tries to achieve all that, by simulating how other market players react to big sales and purchases. Let me know how it ended up. Is it still too easy to make money? Is the influence too big, or too small? All feedback is greatly appreciated.
0.500.4 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixes autopilot simulation in hardware to display a control ship with currently installed autopilot.
- HUD simulation in the hardware menu won't display a broken control simulation on the user manual tab.
- Improved performance of Enceladus menu.
- Market predictions of your geologist have now more chaotic errors, making the long-time investments riskier.
- THI Cargo Containers will again leave 500kg of processed minerals on board your ship for trading and fabrication.

Feedback Focus: Still looking for feedback on the mineral market.
0.501.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Thruster that was forced to fire with heat damage will now shut down automatically, even if the ship or drone it's installed on is not powered on. This prevents ship-mounted drones to fire continuously their thrusters after you overheat them just once and changes how fast thrusters shut down when you apply thermal damage during ship combat.
- The dive selection screen will now show you how much propellant you need for chosen trajectory and will prevent you from launching if you don't have enough to reach rings. This is affected by the xenon drive usage tuning setting.
- Consumable prices (propellant, ammunition and nanodrone components) are now tied to market prices on Enceladus (H20, Fe and Pt).
- Switched the location of the notification popup to not obscure the version string.
- When you ask Vilcy for a drop point for prisoners you have in your cargo, the contact they give you won't expire after the first visit.
- Fixed some typos.

Feedback Focus: Still looking for feedback on the mineral market. Please also look out for breaking changes during engagements with heat-based weapons, as ships will now react a bit different to hits.
0.501.3 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Geologist predictions on prices in the mineral market are 400% less predictable now, increasing the investment risks.
- Adjusted independent market reaction to big transactions.
- You can now own only 10,000 tons of a single ore on a market. The excess will be sold when you load your save.

Feedback Focus: Mineral market. This release is aimed at addressing market exploits discovered with 0.501.1. Please note that using tainted saves with this release might yield highly unexpected market results. The game automatically backs up each of your saves - if you need to roll back one save, you can rename savegame-*.dvb file to savegame-*.dv in the game data directory.
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0.502.0 just hit the experimental branch, and it adds ads. Ad revenue will alleviate your docking fees.

Feedback Focus: Immersion.