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0.486.27 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- If you lose all propellant and need to be towed back, you'll still retain the contents of your cargo containers that didn't make it to Enceladus yet.
- You won't be able to bend Eagle Prospector grinders to the inside of its cargo hold with heavy impacts.
- Added extra logs to pinpoint a possible memory leak.

Feedback Focus: Eagle Prospector has the most significant change in this release. Please report anything strange going on with its grinders.
0.486.28 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- When you encountered certain habitat your crew would be looking for before they got the relevant message, the game will now acknowledge that.
- Your crew will talk to you twice as often.
- Additional point defences for certain Tsukuyomi-class frigate.
- Friendly NPC ships will now keep a 50% longer distance from you but will approach you 50% faster.

Feedback Focus: Crew-related story events.
0.487.0 just hit the experimental branch. I recommend backing up your save prior to playing this - while it's unlikely that something will break, the new features introduced will most likely be re-balanced and you might lose some E$ when that happens. Featuring:
- A new KX37 long-body variant of K37-TNTRL is available in the dealer.
- Dedicated KR37 research modification of K37 TNTRL available in the dealer.

Feedback Focus: New ship variants. This is a first batch of likely much more versions of ships - some factory modified, some just other models, some being post-facelifts. Much of the direction this new feature takes depends on your feedback, so if you have an opportunity to get one of them for a spin, let us know!
0.488.2 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
I recommend backing up your save prior to playing this.

- A new playable ship - K44 MHFTR Prototype. It can only be discovered and salvaged in the rings.
- Adjusted the frequency distribution of ship variants in the Dealer. The K44 variants should be about as rare as Cothons.

Feedback Focus: New ship variants!
0.488.4 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
I recommend backing up your save prior to playing this

- The ship model is now prominently visible on the Dealer screen when browsing ships.
- Fixed cargo bay shape on KR-37 when using Voyager RSLS
- Fixed configurations of some ships that had non-standard seals for kinetic ammunition.
- Updated translations and fixed some typos

Feedback Focus: Ship Dealer.
0.489.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Adds in-universe sign displaying data on your current ship when on Enceladus station. The screen might display more things in the near future.

Feedback Focus: Enceladus graphics.
0.489.2 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Smart camera could pan in a way that put your ship clipping the edge of the screen during flip'n'burn manoeuvres.
- Other ships without drone or ammo storage had incorrectly listed equipment.
- The dock infoboard status information will update now when you fix your screen.

Feedback Focus: I am still looking for feedback on the new ship variants added - we need to make sure they are both balanced and fun to play before I release them to the default branch.
0.489.3 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- An adjusted centre of mass for KX37 and K44 ships.

Feedback Focus: KX37 and K44 prototype handling.
0.489.4 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Corrected actual electrical power draw of ERS2205 torch from 12MW to correct 120MW.
- Visiting the Dealer menu when you owned a lot of ships could permanently degrade the performance of the game.
- If you manage to defuse hostilities with Ganymedean Anarchy station during combat active, they will still stop shooting you then they invite you on board.

Feedback Focus: Still looking for feedback on KX37 and KR37 variants. How do they play?
0.490.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- KX37 and K44 prototype ships won't re-use and distort custom paint schemes of K37 anymore.
- Cargo baffles installed on KX37 caused the ship to be unstable and glitch out physics.
- When you are near discovery you already recorded and your astrogation coordinates refresh, you will now get a notification.
- New soundtrack! If you are playing without music, you are missing out.
- Lowered dry mass of KX37 and K44 prototype ships to better reflect their size.
- Updated translations.

Feedback Focus: New music! But I still love to hear how our ship variants turned out.
0.492.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- New ship variants: Vulture Prospector and Peacock Prospector - both available in a dealership near you.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when launching from Enceladus.

Feedback Focus: New Prospectors.
0.492.2 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Vulture Prospector rebalance. The ship is now shorter, and heavier and your crew won't like flying it for very long.
- Mechanics you hired that are not on board will still help you repair your ship, and repair limit display, as well as possible repair steps, will now take that into account.
- Only crew that is actually on the ship will get a ship morale penalty or bonus.
- Made Enceladus station lights flicker less and removed some of the spotlights. This results in the station being easier to look at and better performance.
- Improved performance of rendering spotlights.
- Updated rotation priority description in tuning.

Feedback Focus: Vulture Prospector.
0.493.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- New Conlido RVM Cothon-211 and 213 models.
- Fixed possible crash when browsing the dealer.
- Flight with ship variants will count towards the base ship achievement.

Feedback Focus: Cothon-211 and Cothon-213 and all the other ship variants. This release is the last batch of ship variants to be released this week - right now, and we need to gather feedback on how they fly, polish them up if required, fix all the bugs I missed and prepare them for release for all the players. Any feedback on the new ships is most appreciated!
0.493.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Some of the KR37 ships sold at the dealer had their EMP shielding stripped. This patch adds that shielding back retroactively, no need to re-purchase the ship.

Feedback Focus: New ship variants - especially if you flew KR37 and found its shielding underwhelming in the past.
0.494.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Updated ship variant descriptions.
- New dealer interface for showing details about the ships.
- Fixed a bug that caused a log flood if you pressed the "next tab" keyboard/gamepad button while the last available tab was selected.

Feedback Focus: New Dealer interface.