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Hello all,

I have an issue. I want to use an older windows 7 machine to play Dusk using a CRT. Just the little bit I've gotten it to work it's been amazing!

Duskworld works perfect. Buttery smooth. No lag. No stutter. 1024x768@85Hz all day no matter what is on the screen.

Here's the issue. The single player I have to drop to 640x480 with min graphics just to get something payable in the 10-15fps range! All cores pegged at 100% anytime the dusk.exe is running. Duskworld.exe runs perfect and low cpu utilization as expected.

Any ideas? I have the same issue with Cuphead. An old build runs flawlessly but the current build does the same pegs all four cores at 100% and runs with single digit framerate.

Both of these are Unity engine games and there is likely something bugged out with my particular hardware and the newer unity engine.

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.88GHz (I've tested stock 2.4GHz and OC only difference is stock is slower)
2x ATI X1900 512MB cards in crossfire (also tried in and out of crossfire no difference)
Yes, it can play Crysis.

I know the graphics card doesn't match the system requirements but duskworld runs perfect which makes me doubt that is the issue.

Anyone else seen similar happen or been able to solve it?
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