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akhliber: Hey folks, has anyone been able to download and install the game and both DLC's? I tried setup version first, and was able to install the "A Chance of Dragons" dlc, but got a message saying it couldn't find the GOG version when I tried installing "A Song of Sand and Fire."

I saw that there is a new patch, but the link doesn't seem valid, so I re-downloaded the installation file itself, which has been updated to setup version

I then uninstalled and reinstalled with the new setup file. This time, I cannot install even the "A Chance of Dragons" dlc without getting a message that I don't have the GOG version installed.

Any ideas, anyone?
The game must be updated to gog-2 to be compatible with the A Song of Sand and Fire DLC. I've corrected the links to the patch, so it should now be downloadable and will correct the issue. Sorry for any hassle :).
Post edited September 10, 2015 by B0SC0