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OK, so I bought DK2 from GOG awhile back, and it works but I noticed 2 issues:

1. Black bars on the sides
2. Mouse scroll speed is too fast even on lowest setting.

I was able to get rid of the black bars by adding an entry into a text file. But the mouse scrolls way too fast even at the lowest setting. Is there a way to make it go any lower without using 3rd-party programs? Anything I can write in a text file that can lower it even further?

I don't think my specs are relevant but here they are anyway:

Sager NP9876 gaming laptop
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC x64
i7-7700k CPU
Corsair IronClaw RGB gaming mouse with adjustable DPI up to 18000

Obviously, I'm way overpowered to run this game, and I'm thinking that maybe my hardware is alot faster than the game expects, given the time it was released. I have also tried lowering the DPI on my mouse to lowest setting but that doesnt help make the scrolling go down to an acceptable speed.

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