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I had been experiencing crashes pretty much every time I clicked ANYTHING on the main menu. The screen would start to pan, and CLUNK! Crash, :(

After going through tons of forum posts and trying many fixes, I am finally able to play the game! One possibly important note is that I downloaded through GOG Galaxy, so your filepath may differ if you downloaded directly.

So here is how I fixed it on my setup, and since it is all done in one menu, it may be worth a shot for you too if you are extremely frustrated like I was. I have also attached a picture of what it looks like on the menu where I have it set up in a way that finally lets me run the game, so you can compare, if need be,

1: First, locate where GOG Galaxy has installed your DKII files. For me, it was:
This PC > OS (C:)> Program Files (x86) > Galaxy Client > Games > Dungeon Keeper 2

Depending on how you're set up, the first parts may differ, but if you have installed GOG Galaxy, and downloaded DKII through the client, it should be in Galaxy Client > Games > Dungeon Keeper 2, regardless.

2: Right click on the file DKII, and select "properties" on the very bottom.

3: Select the second tab over, "Compatibility"

Once you have that tab up, click the "Compatibility Mode" box, and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

Below that, still in the Compatibility tab, check the "Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution" box, and the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" box.

Apply these changes, and right click the DKII.exe icon. (not the DKII_DX or DKII_SOFT.exe icons). Once you have right clicked it, select "Run as Administrator."

And there you have it. This is the fix that worked for me and after way too long scouring for answers, I found it all IN ONE TAB RIGHT THERE! I facepalmed with joy, and hopefully this will save at least one person quite a bit of time and stress.


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