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Why am I plagued by this problem?

I have searched countless forums and have found no help with this. I am trying to play the game over tunngle with a friend, and have tried with a random player as well.

When I host, no one can see my game. When I try to join their game, I click on it in the list, click join, and as soon as I click join it says Please wait and my game is just semi-frozen. I can move the mouse cursor, but my desktop becomes screwed up. Only way to fix is to open task manager and physically go down the list using arrow keys.

I am using setup_dungeon_keeper2_2.0.0.32 gog version installer, as well as my friend, and I assume the random player I was talking about also had the same version. Both my friend could connect to the stranger and vice versa.

So why am I the only one having this problem?
Really looking for some help with this