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Hi guys!

Please check your games shelf for an update to Dungeon Keeper 2. We just released a Hardware Acceleration Fix for you all to download. We hope it works well and we appreciate y'all's patience in this matter!

Enjoy the game and please let us know if there any problems or questions! :D
cdlink14: I seem to be getting a very strange bug. Randomly my mouse will turn very slow and unprecise. Then a few moments later will turn back to normal speed for a few seconds before going slow again.
Please send a message to our Support department, along with a DXDiag.

Have you tried the usual fixes i.e. running the game as administrator? Installing it outside of Program Files?
Hi guys,

Could those of you who are having any sort of issues with the Hardware Acceleration Fix please write to Support? Please make sure to attach your DxDiag to go along with your email. Thanks :D