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Dungeon Keeper 1
The entire problem is in the topic subject.
When I run the game, I just get a giant screen of green. I can kinda make out the graphics but everything is green and flickery. Compatibility mode causes game crash immediately after a blank application window opens briefly. Graphics Mode setup is totally fruitless. If I alt-tab out of the game, it turns into windowed mode and looks fine, except that it's too tiny to possibly play.

Using Windows 7

Screenshot of green screen attached. You can see the Bullfrog logo popping up. After you skip through the cutscene to the main menu, the graphics are even more solid green and just flicker when I move the mouse, making it impossible to navigate the menu to investigate and find out if the game itself will do this weird green thing. Probably will.

I searched a bunch for this problem on both google and in these forums. And I looked at the FAQ. Don't get mad if someone already brought it up, please.
green.png (134 Kb)
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