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HEllo every one
i am a former duke nukem 3d on windows PC systems since 1997
i had used a lot a user maps then , that very easy to launch on PCs

Recently i downloaded GOG duke 3D atomic edition for mac
As i am an Apple Mac user since 2009, i don't understand the way to launch user maps on it

Someone can help me to find the way to link duke 3D on mac and user maps downloaded ??
thanks a lot
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open a console and use command line parameterss i.e.:
duke3d -map <mapname>
Get EDuke32, you'll run much more maps with it especially these days. Mac version is easily found, and the files you need are in the package contents of DN3D (right click on the app, click show package contents, everything is in the folders somewhere).

After that it should be pretty easy (much easier than using the terminal for most, a lot of mac users are afraid of it) after reading the instructions about the mac version of it.
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