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I pre-ordered this game directly from Apogee/3DRealms about a month before it came out, like right after XMas of '95. Dudes at Apogee had a cam set up at their office, and you could watch boxes of DN3D sitting there to be shipped out, it was pretty wild. My wife and I were living in sin at that point, and wouldn't get married until 2 years later when we moved back to Denver. Duke Nukem 3D almost caused us to never get married (Diablo would perform the same function a year later, but we survived both).
The gaming community then felt a lot closer, like a more tight knit group. I had 2 other friends who picked up the game, and we would play 1-on-1 over our 14.4K modems til all hours of the morning. It was my first real experience with FPS multiplayer, since I'd only ever played Doom in SP at that point for some reason. DN3D DM was AWESOME tho, and later I would use Kali to play against people online, which was a whole new world.
So here I am, throwing down another $6 for it, even though I still have the box, original CD, and mouse pad that came with my copy over a decade ago. There were a lot of comparisons back in the day between Doom and Duke, I gotta say, for me, Duke was the most fun and the game I spent by far the most time with.
So tonight I'm gonna load this up on my PC, and probably my son's PC as well, along with the hi-res pack (I kind of prefer the jaggy goodness of the old 2D/3D hybrid engine, but I doubt the boy would wax nostalgic like I tend to), and we'll run around a bit and shoot at each other, should be a lot of fun.
Also, when RotT hits, I'm there, that game rocked, but that's a story for another day.
That's a cool story : )
I was introduced to Duke3D by my uncle, who told me he had a shareware version of an awesome game to be released the same year. I launched it up and I don't think I've ever been in such an awe because of a video game; all the realistic locations, the freedom of moment and the extensive gameplay really made my jaw drop. After all, the FPSes I played before Duke3D were mostly games like Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM.
I bought the game soon after that. The GOG.com version is my fourth copy of the game now :D
Great story :)
I remember seeing it at a LAN when I was ~12, and playing it at friend's computer, then few years later, a good friend of mine mentioned a game that was installed "by default" on the "family computer" (without any CD) next to Minesweeper xD, with pig cops, stripteasers and awesome voice acting, but couldn't remember its name.
After searching with Google, we found its name : "Duke Nukem 3D".
As this game couldn't be found at store/online store, we call the P2P for rescue (*mea culpa*). You can't imagine the feeling of playing a game you played 8 years before, it's like Dungeon Keeper or Goldeneye, priceless.
Very good stories thus far. :)
As for my Intro to Duke Nukem 3d story, I remember seeing it first at my fraternity at Georgia Tech. We had *just* moved into the new house constructed for us; one of the nice features it had was an ethernet port in every room. However, it took a few months before the school allowed our house to join the campus network.
So, what does a fraternity full of geeks and engineering types do with this technological marvel they've been presented? Well, aside from setting up numerous file shares full of pr0n and class papers, it was ALL about LAN gaming.
Everything from Command & Conquer to Tribes to you-name-it, we played it. But, some of the most epic sessions of LAN gaming came from playing Duke into all hours of the night, especially for those who cranked their computer speakers up to ear-bleeding volumes. "Who wants some?" "Shake it, baby!" "I'm here to kick ass and chew gum, and I'm all out of gum" -- all catchphrases that would echo through the halls of Phi Kap for months on end. Good times!
Was he in the wrong? My dad always let me play DN3D when I was about 6. It glued me to my PC and got me into games. We still have our jewel case copy, we've been through a lot that CD and I... So many installs, so many failures.
I first finished the game when I was 10 - even then I used God Mode (now I never God Mode unless it's in DOOM and against a Cyberdemon or the Icon of Sin).
So fun.
yay! I like stories!
I think I discovered Duke 3D around 1999/2000. So I was like 10 back in the days, and a good friend of my dad was kind of a video game nerd... his daughter and he introduced me to Doom, Quake and Duke 3D. Oh man we had fun... :D
Then in my school a good friend of mine had it and we used to play like he was controlling duke... and I was FIRING ZE MISSILES! :D
Then when I got internet in 2001 or 2002 (I don't really remember, AOL 56k lawl), I downloaded it and a lot of mods... was fun :D! But my dad kicked my ass one because I let the computer download one whole night TCs and we had blown our 50 connection hours :D
Oh, and same as TheJoe, I was using dnkrow and dnstuff all the way ;D
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