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We're happy to announce that this bug is now fixed.
Please download
and copy the included .dll file to Duke Nukem Manhattan Project's \duke\sys\ subfolder (you should replace the old .dll file located there).
The default folder path should look like this:
" C:\Program Files\\Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project\duke\sys\duke_base.dll "
You should just replace old "duke_base.dll " for a new one .
Enjoy the game :)
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Disregard this post, someone just addressed that issue. :)
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Strangely the bug never surfaced on my laptop...before the final boss fight, that is. I reached that point a month ago and gave up trying since the game would crash every time I died. And now I read this...THANK YOU!
I had troubles getting “Duke Nukem – Manhattan Project” running on my Windows 98SE (!) computer.

I might have accepted the situation were it not for the fact that the DEMO (shareware) version of the game runs just fine on my PC.

The “” contains the file “duke_base.dll” which is identical to the one in the game archive. So unless you downloaded the game a long time ago and don’t want to do it again, this patch is unless for you.

In order for me to get this game running, I got the "duke_base.dll" file from

I also patched the "config.cfg" file and added the following lines:

bind_cmd f6 "save"
bind_cmd f12 "quit"

though this is of course optional.

For Windows 98, I found out the hard way that version 8.1 of DirectX is the latest you can safely use without causing possible instability. Unfortunately, DirectX cannot be uninstalled so that might mean having to reinstall your version of Windows.

In case anyone is wondering, the installer will not run under Windows 98SE so I ran it using the Windows emulator WINE under Linux. The resulting game directory is then moved to my Windows partition.

P.S. If you like ‘Duke’, then you will probably like ‘Oddworld’ as well!