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Duke Nukem is funny, action-packed and dirty. Get ready for breasts, aliens, guns and sunglasses!
Duke Nukem 3D is the breast -- best game to be released in the last 15 years. Built upon the fantastic 2.5D BUILD engine - Duke Nukem 3D is a fast paced, alien blasting, babe saving adventure that the entire family can enjoy - if the parental lock is on, of course.
In the Atomic Edition, you'll be blasting through 4 episodes of levels ranging from Los Angeles to the Earth's Orbit and beyond. You'll be able to shrink 'n' stomp on enemies, blow them up with pipe bombs or rocket launchers, set up explosive trip wires, escape from the electric chair, freeze enemies, use your mighty foot -- oh it goes on and on! You'll be absolutely BEGGING the fun to stop! And then when it gives into your cries, you'll look at the clock and get a dirty feeling after discovering it's 3:00 AM - this game just completely took hold of you.
Have fun Duke, go shoot some alien bastards!