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video games have come a long way since these old classics, but i still return to them again and again. largly becuase i grew up on these games. what fun they are to be sure.
They are brilliant titles. There is just something about dos platformers. Lets hope GOG keeps putting these classics up for sale.
I never played the old duke nukem games as a kid. But i did play duke nukem 3D on nintendo 64 and instantly loved the game.(one reason was the stripper titties). Now ive got myself a copy of 1 and 2, they dont make games like they used to.
It's fun. Duke Nukem 1 redefined feeling of EGA graphics and PC Speaker to being less horrible than I imagined it would. Actually I felt like playing some kind of action platformer on Pegasus/Atari. Sequel... it's perfect! Even better than Metal Slug and has that strong feeling of video game from arcade machines without need of emulation in MAME. Flawless piece of pixelart, I consider it more favorable than Manhattan Project 2.5D in 3D. Actual gameplay of those games is better than staticscreenshots, so go grab them, you won't be disappointed if you are into that kind of jump, gun'n'run. ;-)
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Coming from a guy who started out on Duke Nukem 3D, or Total Meltdown since I was raised on the PSX port, the first two Duke games are a lot of fun. I especially love the second one since there is more to it, and I can't deny the awesome music.