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I made a acocunt for this here and am more than happy about it!

Thanks alot
I will take a look around in the future for sure!
That's the same reason I made an account here. I'm beginning to slip back into another classic games phase, which I do from time to time and was thinking about how much I'd really like to play Duke Nukem 3d again. The very next day I overheard my coworker talking about Free Duke Nukem so I had to butt in and he directed me here to get it. I'm very happy and have already created my list of games I'm gonna buy. Guess their plan is working.
Made my account for Ultima, got Duke now... I'm pondering Phantasmagoria, Gabriel Knight, and Wing Commander, but I'm not sure I'd actually play them.
How come for me it says it's 3$ even though it's still friday?
And now since you guys have accounts. Go buy some games and make GOG happy ;)
I made mine when Fallout was free for a while. I had already completed it but didn't have a copy anymore. Later I bought Fallout 2, same story, but was happy to pay. You don't find a site like this everyday.

Duke Nukem had been in my wishlist for a while and seeing it for free made my day! I used to have it on PlayStation but sold it. Funny how I end up rebuying games :P That's what I get for selling them. But if it supports this site, I guess I did a bit of good.
I bought Arcanum, Divine Divinity, Fallout and Fallout 2, Guilty Gear, Planescape, and Tomb Raider 1-2-3. So I guess their cunning plan to lore me in with Duke Nukem 3d worked. I was into a different kind of RPG back in the day so these games are all new to me Guilty Gear and Tombraider aside, pretty excited.
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I made my account for Wing Commander 3, 4, Theme Hospital, and Under a Killing Moon.
Rats, I missed getting this for free.