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I just bought a Thrustmaster T16000M PC Joystick and when I set it up and start playing the game Duke takes off by himself without me touching the joystick. Forward / Back / Left / Right aren't moving him properly.

I gather it's something to do with the axes set up.

Can someone assist with a detailed reply of exactly how I should have them set up?
Also it has digital and analog settings. Which do I use?

I've attached pictures of the axes setup pages.

Also, each time I run eduke32 it seems to revert to the keyboard & mouse option. (picture also attached)

Can I get it to start as joystick & mouse and remember the joystick settings?

Cheers if you can help.
duke_1.png (239 Kb)
duke2.png (242 Kb)
eduke32.png (101 Kb)
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