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is there an option in the game to fill up the screen on widescreen monitor?
the game only supports 4:3 display due to it's vesa driver being from the 1993 era.
You can still achieve widescreen support by using EDuke32. It's basically an updated game engine that can run the original game files, like ZDaemon and Skulltag for Doom.
nvm i just get used to it xD and i use hduke (looks worst than eduke32 but the online play is awesome). also did anyone got to work the multiplayer thing without any source ports? the thing is that i want to play with my frind and he has mac and the mac ports are buggy as hell for online (like eduke32 or icculus duke).
can i force vsync?
Just use eduke
I'll bump this topic.

There is strange thing with that gog starter kit to start games.
When I launch Duke3d(or other build games) manually (opening dosbox, using commandl ines etc) and after launching game and pressing alt+enter I got full wide screen with for example 320x240. But with that gog kit i never got widescreen.
Why? It looks like normal dosbox forces widescreen. How to do this with gog start kit?
dosbox has been that way for a long time:

Just press ALT+ENTER to go into and out of full screen.

open the dosbox.conf file and change "fullscreen=false" to "fullscreen=true". DOSBox will then run in full screen mode when you open it.

note: fullscreen does not = wide screen aspect ratio. It's probably going to be stretched
Maybe I didn't make myslef clear.

It's all work like you wrote. Game starts with full screen, and I can change it by ALT+Enter.

But I want to have picture stretched. It works when I run dosbox manually, but it doens't when I run it by gog kit :(
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i understood what you were getting at. you want fullscreen when using the gog provided launcher

my suggestion was to hunt down the appropriate conf file for the game and change the line to read fullscreen=true

i don't know what a "gog kit" is. when i install gog games, i only get a shortcut added under the gog start menu entry, so maybe what i suggested doesn't apply
"gog kit" I meant Graphic mode setup :)

I got fullscreen with gog laucher (or launching from desktop shortcut), but the game runs in 4:3 window with black lines on the left and right. Running the game manually with dosbox makes the fullscreen stretched do 16:9

But thx anyway :) I thnik I'll just run Duke from dosbox manually, not from gog launcher :)

Thx for reply

I got it

To make fullscreen stretched to 16:9, there must be changed one line in dosboxDuke3Dconf file.
From fullresolution=desktop to fullresolution=original
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