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Downloaded Duke Nukem free (thanks gog) and then downloaded eduke32. Now I know you need these files to get eduke to work (duke3d.grp and duke.rts) but cannot find them on my mac install. Can anyone help?

Ok guys, after messing around with thing i have found out where the duke3d.grp file is on mac os x. You need to head into your library (under "go" on finder press "option" and you should see library pop out) go into application support and then find "boxer" file. Open all files by double clicking on them till you get to a file called "current.boxerstate" and right click on it. Choose "show package contents" and you will see a folder that says "c.harddisk". open it up and you should see duke3d.grp file so copy it and go back to application support and open eduke32 and paste it in there. Have Fun!
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I'm using Windows 7 and I can't find the file
me either where the hell is it I need it
It should be in C:\GOG Games\Duke Nukem 3d
make sure your file browser isn't hiding known extensions