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It sure did for me. I was actually a bit sick of Duke after playing it over so many times, especially Holocaust, but now the closure of 3DR has made me hunger for more Duke action. It's too bad that eDuke32, Duke Plus and HDR would be the closest we'd ever get to DNF
Yeah, it's pretty much the only reason I bought the game just now. Owned the game years ago, but I have no idea where the disks are.
I just bought the game too... like Thrakhath. I still remember playing the original Duke Nukem v1.3(?) on a long demised Pentium 75mhz back in 96.
Surprising, the game aged pretty well, especially if you run it with eDuke32, Duke Plus & HDP.
I had it on Xbox Live when it first came out before I got my hands on the PC version again. 8 person multiplayer was awesome since I usually get stuck in maps looking for a single key or hard-to-find door.
I'm really glad I got Manhattan Project. It's the first M-rated platform game I've ever played and it's awesome! I was surprised that 3D Realms didn't actually make the game but I like it nonetheless.
Yeah. It had been long time that I wanted to play the game, but I just couldn't be assed.
Now that 3DR is gone and prices are low, I thought of getting the whole package.
And I got MDK2 aswell. Hadn't played that for a very long time.
Yes, it did. It's a shame that Duke Nukem Forever will never be released, I guess 3D Realms were too ambitious in making it the best game ever. If only they did not keep scrapping their work and starting from scratch every time a new FPS engine was out, maybe the game would have been finished.
But don't give up on Duke yet! Prey was in a similar situation and was eventually released!
Anyway, Duke3D is one of my all-time favorite games and GOG now lets me relive those old memories! Thanks guys!
No, not really. I still play Duke once every couple of years or so for some mindless fun amongst other older titles. I don't really play a lot of modern games any more as they all just seem like glitz with no character. Of all the old games, the Lucasarts adventures are never un-installed from my HDD.
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I had never played Duke 3D before, but 3DRs closure motivated me to buy it.
I did play Doom I and Doom II back in the day, so my gamer status is still secure. :)
Yes, I popped it in and played it for all the fun times the game brought me.
Farewell, old friend, farewell!
Actually, 3DR's closure made me want to play Rise of the Triad instead of Duke Nukem 3D. It's my favorite game of theirs, Duke being second.
Indeed a shame about DNF, but I guess they had it coming with their never-ending delays and restarting the game from scratch a few times. No wonder Take2's pissed.