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GOG sells Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, which I think is a wonderful idea.
Hell, it was one of the many reason I became a faithful costumer.
What brings a tear to my eye though is, THEY DON'T SELL SHADOW WARRIOR!! :(

And I really wonder why. 3D Realms made both games.
They both uses the Build engine and they both need DOS to run.
DN3D is sold here on GOG with DOSbox, so why not sell SW the same way?
OR, has 3DR not given GOG permission to sell SW?

Anyone with more info?
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It's just the way some things work regarding licensing, just cause GOG scored a couple of 3DR titles doesn't mean they'll have them all.

I don't know if they're actively working on acquiring it, there's certainly plenty of people that would like to see it.

3DR is still selling it on their site for 10 bucks

Other than that, no idea
I guess you're right Peanut. :(
I would buy it directly from 3DR but their sale system seems to be very cryptic.
Have you bought anything from them?
Haven't bought from them yet

I am considering it though for Shadow Warrior along with Duke Nukem I and II since that's the only place one can get them right now

Steam actually has Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, thought that was pretty interesting

I also read in the forum FAQ that they don't actually announce a new game until the rights for it have officially been acquired so whether or not GOG is even working on getting these games is up in the air for us.
You should post here after you buy from 3DR and tell me how you did and how the shipping and so forth worked out.
It'll be a while before I get around to it but I'll definitely you know or if you end up buying first, let me know too

The one thing I'm wondering is if these will even run since there's no extra compatibility support, they're just straight original copies. Have you tried testing any of the demos out in DOSbox?
Thanks Peanut, you're okay you know that?
Of course I'll let you know if I end up buying it before you.

They'll run just fine in DOSBox. I've tried the whole DN series and it works perfect. SW demo also works like a charm on it, so no sweat there either.
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Why thank you! But I think you are the awesome one here for starting this thread and getting me thinking about checking out some of these other games

I just tried some demos in DOSBox and everything works wonderfully so this purchase is definitely going down at some point
Thanks :D Well, I love old games and when I saw SW wasn't here I felt I had to post real bad!
Oh well, it's not completely out of grasp :)
I recently bought Shadow Warrior from 3DR's official webstore. Works like a charm, has DOSBox included and everything.
PimPamPet: I recently bought Shadow Warrior from 3DR's official webstore. Works like a charm, has DOSBox included and everything.
That's awesome, thanks for letting us know!
PimPamPet: I recently bought Shadow Warrior from 3DR's official webstore. Works like a charm, has DOSBox included and everything.
Thanks for the info! So I guess we don't get the game in a box eh? Well that's good :D
Also, sorry for late reply but I'm not logged in here that much..
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I am now a happy owner of Shadow Warrior! :D
I went to 3DR site and bought it there.

As PimPamPet said, the game is D2D and comes with DOSBox. However, it's the 0.72 version so you'll want to update it by just copy the 0.74 DOSBox.exe and overwrite the 0.72 version.

I just hope for my sake that GOG doesn't add the game to their library now xD
I paid $10 for SW over at 3DR which is kinda much for such an old and underrated game, if GOG sold it for $5 tho...

Anyway, now I finally have it :DD
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i'm pretty sure gog would sell it for $5 if they brought it over here
I would only re-buy it on GOG if they offered some cool stuff along with it.