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Hey guys I just bought the game and downloaded it. But when I start it I have no crosshair and cant aim up or down. I saw gameplayvideo on youtube which had a crosshair where you could aim like any other shooter nowadays. Whats wrong with my copy?

Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBrvyM4JZ4Q
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Get eDuke32, it will let you set it up as close to classic (as you're seeing) or modern (as in the videos) as you want. It comes bundled with the HRP, which really is worth it, link in the sticky up top. There are other ways, but this is really the easiest.
Where do I get it?
HRP Should work.
Which one of those should I take?
I would go for the Full SFX version rather than the .zip version. Remember to switch out the .GRP with the one from your installation.
Ok one last question. How do I get 3D enemies like in this video?

In the video options, go to renderer setup, and there are three sections, the third has at the top and option labelled 'Use Models'. It sounds like it's set to off, so set it to 'On'.
How do I fix that some weapons look weird right now? Here's an example of what I mean.

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Hm, never had that problem, before, sorry. Honestly, I use an older version because my computer is too crap to use the latest version. You are using Polymer, right?
No I don't use it. When I use it I get very low fps.
Kanden95: No I don't use it. When I use it I get very low fps.
Yeah, me too, but the later versions require it, unfortunately. Ok, alternate option, download an older version, version 4, the v4 HRP update, and the Maphacks. They are all on the same page as the v5 that you got. Remember to uninstall the version that you got first.
Duke Nukem 3D: High Resolution Pack v4.0 (March 23, 2009)

This one?
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Yes, that's the one I'm using.
Okay I used it now, but the 4th version of the mod is even worse. I got white blocks instead of texts in the main menu and white blocks instead of effects in the game (such as fire).