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All the more reason to poke fun at stereotypes in themselves.

I can't hear him cracking too many jokes in the Hive level, if that's what you're referring to. He says a few lines ("Why do they always take the hot ones," "Looks like you're fucked") which some people might not approve of in that context, but I'm not very sensitive about it. If anything I think he sounds pretty sad and angry about the whole thing. I'm not very happy about the fate of those women either, even though it's just a silly game. Anyway, it's Duke Nukem. It's supposed to be a bit silly, in my mind.

I agree that the game has its flaws and I wish it was more like Duke3D and less like Call of Duty, to put it that way. I still enjoyed it, though.
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It is true that the game is not the best game ever, but it is not the worst game every either as many "pro" reviewers make it out to be. In fact, I was more disappointed with the hotch potch completely confusing story line of Crysis 2 more then the super simple story line of DNF, needless to say DNF had a bit more intellectual challenge to it then Crysis 2 - some times actually you had to stop and think how to solve the puzzle to progress in your campaign, something that is completely absent in Crysis 2. In any case, please my friends, the purpose of this thread is not to criticise Duke Nukem Forever , or to compare it to some other game, but to bring it to attention of GOG.COM that there is possibly a demand for this game in DRM free form - specially for old die hard Duke Nukem fans, like me.
Exactly. More Duke gog.
GoG is probably the best place to sell a Duke game =P

And even if the game sucks, the crazy MP seems fun enough.
etb: But in this case they should give up also to their ``good'' games policy. I would say it is difficult.
they already gave up on the ''good'' part too... they're selling Ultima VIII.
Oh yeah. So, chances increasing!
It's on Steam with its sequel. I don't know why everyone hated it, they claimed it was "Too Sexist"

I'm not only female, but I'm a classical feminist, and yet I loved Duke Nukem Forever, part of the whole point is that it's immature chauvinistic womanizing politically incorrect and a bit of a potty mouth. I'd actually throw up if there was a Duke Nukem game that had competently written females and a good plot, it's a parody of the attitudes had by the kind of heroes popular in the 90's, if it's "good" they're not doing it right. All Duke needs is a good cigar and a bad woman.
It's not like COD in any way and if we make that comparision, CoD stealed many things from Halo, explanation for regeneration was reactive shielding, in CoD - none, just ripoff. In DNF since Manhattan Project that moved in that way - Ego meter, how fitting for that kind of satirical, politically incorrect character and how in society, culture and psychology Ego mechanics are desrcibed. Only two weapons? So what, where he could take other ones, in ass? Checkpoints? Realtime, gameplay balance and replayabiliity. It's just up to modern game done in old style, that's what may collide but not that much. There is even huge tribute to The Birth episode from Atomic Edition.

Sad part is, multiplayer compontent is fully steamworks dependent so it's probably impossible to get it working here on GOG version without Steam. But for nostalgia of old times and style in modern "true 3d/HD" realms for as it is already is probably worth. At least it has more style and character than these goofy models in Eduke HRP.
Duke Nukem Forever got a much worse reputation than it deserved. It was like all the reviewers were having a private competition on who dared to give the lowest ratings.

Certainly it could have been much better, whatever. I played arguably the worst version (Xbox 360) but I still had lots of fun and many laughs. The single-player DLC was very enjoyable too, I'd say moreso than the original game.

Would certainly grab it DRM-free for PC if it were available and for a reasonable price. Shame if the multiplayer is Steam-dependent as stated here, though. Spent several hundred hours on it before moving on.