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This patch adds donators to the credits page, makes starting starbases more common, fixes several small UI issues, and fixes a few more minor issues.

1.006 change list:

* added donators to credits page
* races chance to start with a starbase goes up with higher levels (The Shadow Rose)
* quests will now show parent quest in info (assuming it is still around) (firecat666)
* fixed Feedback Pulse not showing correct info
* fixed descriptions of Feedback Pulse, Unstable Projectiles, Feedback, Concussive Blast, Reactive Armor, Explosive Impact, Shockwave, Shatter, and Destabilize Core that contain old numbers
* increased spawn chances for chips at higher levels some more (DaOpa)
* now tell you what sector you are in on the map (system and sector) (firecat666)
* increased grassland dry HabitabilityMult from 0.5 to 0.6 (firecat666)
* now if successfully demand something print says demanding instead of trading (firecat666)
* now make sure to cancel any trade agreements if go back from ceasefire to war (firecat666)
* moved entering system print down a little to not overlap lose timer info (firecat666)
* changed description of em missiles weapons so not the same as em beam weapons (firecat666)
* fixed reward chest effects on map (Fulano5321)
* changed "Energy needed" to "Energy needed/use" (BG)
* changed powerload print on components a little to be more clear (BG)
* moved power load line on components info to more consistent spot and changed text color (firecat666)
* Nanomite cloud now updates status effect correctly when you upgrade your skill level above 1 (lalala)
* now clear all particles when using to and from map (ScrObot/firecat666)
* now if have Pause in Planet screens option turned on, will automatically pause on planet solve quest & delivery menus (firecat666)
* fixed a few places that races could get above the max amount of credits (firecat666)
* added a little highlight text to planet status to explains ranks (SirReptile)
* fixed waypoint placement being a little off on map (firecat666)
* fixed a plural issue with war quests (firecat666)
* cleaned up newCharacter so doesn't directly reference race icons (Chuckles)