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high rated
Better UI! This patch adds component sorting, text scale option, menu scale option, better menu pausing, more message options, and fixes a bunch of other more minor issues (mostly UI related).

0.817 change list:

* added component sorting (value, rarity, and type) (Zarrakis/Tchey)
* now planet, get quests, and buy/sell menus automatically pause the game (Eris Shrugged)
* added ignore quest priorities options on message options screen (Eris Shrugged/Tchey)
* added a Text Size option in advanced graphics options (Tchey/Agitated Ice)
* added a main ui size option (Jean)
* can now manually unpause when a menu has paused the game
* fixed ConflictingTrait only applying the first one
* now color code "They will not form treaties with other races." red so more noticable
* now "They will not form treaties with other races." is right next to trait name in main list so much more noticeable (Eris Shrugged)
* systems can now go inactive (monsters will stop spawning if no quests in system)
* fixed color coding on system names being inconsistent (sometimes shows primitives and sometimes doesn't) (now always follows choice on map screen)
* now highlight text on specific resources gives exact benefit instead of general (+50% armor, +10 happiness, etc)
* primitives can no longer sell jump gates
* primitives will no longer buy planet knowledge
* now buttons autosize to text size
* added protectorateFormed sound
* added 4 planet bonus icons
* made reward chests blips draw on top of other things like planets (Darke)
* now unknown anomaly icons on planets pulse a little to draw attention
* now rumors UI remembers the last target (Darke)
* now can go directly from relation screens to map with hotkey (Eris Shrugged)
* now can go directly from map screens to relation main scree with hotkey (Eris Shrugged)
* fixed a way that could still highlight stuff from relations screens even though menu no longer up
* now if you disrupt a scan (planet, derelict, etc), it will get rid of the scanning bar and the scanning effects (Annex/Thrillmachine)
* no longer hide timing bar when paused
* now highlighting systems on sector map tells you monster level and active/inactive
* can no longer click on other stuff when confirm demand menu is up (Eris Shrugged)
* check mark ui text is now centered better
* text in drop down box centered better
* centered a bunch of option text better
* changed TextInput to be automatically centered left
* fixed a lot of text alignment with different sized text
* fixed ingame icon in wrong place when ingame menu is up
* ingame, character, skills, equipment, timed event, party member, clients, and journal menus now scale
* main menu now scales
* now widgets can override parent alignment