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When I enter the screen with the ROUS chasing the mouse, the mouse runs into the pipe to safety.

To lure out the ROUS and trap it with the bathtub, one has to go to the next screen over and get the key to the fridge.

When I go back to the ROUS/mouse screen, the mouse is not there (but the ROUS is).

I can go through the steps to unlock the fridge, get the food, place it on the dish and lure the ROUS away to turn on the power, then lure it back with another pastry. When i use the now powered crane to move back and forth to knock the bathtub over on the ROUS, it does so successfully, but, since the mouse no longer shows up, the game freezes at this point. Force-quitting is the only way to get out of the game.

I have attempted this three times now (including starting my game over again fresh) and it does the same thing each time.

I'm experiencing this exact same issue on the Windows version of the game. Loving it to death, but this bug is really annoying -- not to mention game breaking --, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Version 1.3 has just been added to GOG. I am DLing now and going to try and see if this solves the issue.

EDIT: Okay I just tried it and, at least for the Mac version, this bug has now been fixed.

If anyone can test the Windows version we can tag this issue as resolved!
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