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This pack is available on Caravel site. What about GOG?
Including this on GOG doesn't sound easy, because the levels are compatible with multiple DROD games. The older ones with all except Architects' Edition, the newer ones with DROD 3, 4 and 5, and the newest ones with DROD 4 and 5.

If you send a proof of purchasing DROD games on GOG to Caravel, then you can get the following Smitemaster's Selections for free:
- Flood Warning (for DROD 4)
- King Dugan's Dungeon 2.0 + The Choice (for DROD 1) - yeah, registering the game gives you DROD 1 levels available to download and import into newer games.
JamesBond007: Including this on GOG doesn't sound easy, because the levels are compatible with multiple DROD games.
I suppose the biggest obstacle to releasing Smitemaster's Selections on GOG is the price. $5 for a pack, the anti-DLC crowd will go ballistic.
The expansions were released on Steam in December 2016. Does GOG have any plans on releasing them?
ForgottenTrope: The expansions were released on Steam in December 2016. Does GOG have any plans on releasing them?
No reply in over 6 months - that's reply enough, I guess.
With other words: If there is no chance that these expansions are released on GOG, then it is probably advisable to get the base game, Gunthro And The Epic Blunder on Steam - or do the Steam expansions work with the GOG version of the Gunthro game?
It might be worth asking on Caravels forum if they have plans to.

As said earlier, it's a little more difficult because of the different versions of DROD. However, I believe what they did (or are doing) for Steam was release TSS and you purchase the earlier DROD games (other than Gunthro) as DLC holds redone in the TSS engine.

Smitemaster Selections are probably the same way.

EDIT: Looking at Steam, looks like they made it DLC for Gunthro, not TSS. Makes sense. Buy Gunthro to get acquainted to the game. Then slowly rip your hair out on the others.
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Does anyone know if you can use the SS from Steam on a GOG installation of the game? I mean... I have them over there... and they probably won't even come to GOG. But I'd prefer to run the GOG version of the game.
I heard somewhere (likely on Caravel forums) that Steam version of Smitemaster Selections cannot be used on other versions of the game. However, Caravel version can be used and they will work fine.

BTW, since this topic has been bumped twice, I will tell that you can ignore the latter part of my post from 2014 - it is no longer possible to register GOG purchases on Caravel website (DROD gamecards mentions that too).
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If you buy Caravel's versions of the Smitemaster's Selections to play them with GOG's versions of the main games, are they playable DRM-Free? Or do you need to log in to a Caravel account inside of the game to be able to play the SS holds?
As far as I know, Smitemaster's Selections from the Caravel website are compatible with the GOG version (only Steam version is different - here you can only purchase them as DLC on Steam).

The only DRM-like thingy on Caravel website is a download limit (either 5 or 8 times) which can be reset by contacting Caravel support. I'm not sure if this applies to Smitemaster's Selections, but it is present on the DROD games itself.

Anyway, Smitemaster's Selections comes as files with .hold extension. After downloading them, launch DROD, select Play Game and Change Location. Click Import, find a folder with your downloaded .hold files, select one and click Okay. If they fail to import, that means they are made for newer engine (for this reason, it's best to import them into The Second Sky).

After that, click your downloaded hold and click Okay. Happy playing!
Thanks. That's good to know. I was hoping that the Smitemaster's Selection expansions would be available as .hold files, but on Caravel's website it's not specified. It just say that you can download them through the website or via the game itself (obviously while the game is connected to Caravel). I did see the info about the download limit, and it's pretty clear that it apply to the SS holds as well, but it's not a problem to me since I only need to download them once and I'll keep a backup afterwards. If there was an in-game activation limit, that would have been another story.

Since they're unlikely to come to GOG at this point, I'll buy them them straight from Caravel eventually.