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Risingson: Either the VGA release of Drakkhen removed the other graphic files (to fit in a 1.44MB disk) or the distributor only has a copy of the game with these files removed.

In any case I remember the first version of Drakkhen I played was the EGA one. I think that this one was released in Europe in 1990, and the development for the VGA graphics version was an opportunity for the delayed USA distribution around 1991.

Remember also that the flood of VGA games started in late 1990, almost in Christmas.

EDIT: FM music when it's well done is way more interesting that tracker sampled based one. And Drakkhen has one of the better uses of the OPL-2 chip, among with Dune, Heimdall 2, the Lucasarts games and not many more.
In europe it was cga and ega version. Vga version has been released after 1 or 2 years.

I have the original french box of drakkhen and I can select cga or ega. I have tried only cga because my amastrad pc1512 could support only the cga.