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AstralWanderer: the idea of DTP "losing" (or signing away) their rights to the English version isn't very plausible, particularly when they did the translation in the first place.
It's not an uncommon fault to overlook or misunderstand some details in legal agreement.
AstralWanderer: such contracts tend to be media-specific - physical and digital versions are treated as separate entities. Therefore even if DTP had "complications" with the physical release, it wouldn't be reflected in the digital one.
Digital distribution wasn't the main channel for selling games, when Drakensang: The River of Time and Phileasson's Secret were released.

Therefore, DTP could underestimate the importance of digital distribution rights at the moment of signing contract.


When these games were initially released on Steam, they were region-locked and unavailable in Europe. So, there was some sort of a legal issue.

Then the US publisher has sorted it out. And now Drakensang: The River of Time and Phileasson's Secret ( published by Cosmi ) are available almost worldwide.
AstralWanderer: DTP was the publisher for Divinity 2 (first released on DVD-ROM in 2009) so it is safe to assume they're experienced hands at this. And of course, they published the original Drakensang.
Divinity 2 had been published in US by CDV Software. Nowadays, Larian publish all their games themselves.

DTP seems to hold full rights over the original Drakensang, but not over its sequel.
AstralWanderer: So it's more likely that the delay is either with GOG's release schedule (they've been adding a lot of new games lately) or a technical problem, most likely to due with Win10/11 compatibility.
I don't think so. As I've said already, different Drakensang games have been published on Steam by different companies, at different times and with different regional restrictions.

Digital distribution of these games has always been unrelated to each other.

Besides, GOG should be aware of the fact, that The River of Time is working fine on Win 10 ( with some minor tweaks, which is common for GOG versions ).

I assume, they would have released the game already, if they legally could.
A bummer to be sure, thanks for the info.
AlexTerranova: GOG is very unlikely to release any games with no English language included at all.
Actually, some games on GOG feature only German language support ( Anstoss 2 and 3 ).

They are sports manager simulations, so complete understanding of language is not very important. While Drakensang is a story-driven RPG.


I think, there is a small chance for The River of Time and Phileasson's Secret to be released on GOG at some point in future, given the high demand for these games.

But better results can be achieved by either updating the open-sourced Nebula Device 3 engine, or creating a new modern engine, based on the available source code.

This way is independent of publishers and stores. And there will be no compatibility issues with modern software and hardware.
I Want it, and i want it now (or at least ASAP) ;)
Definitly an instabuy!

I don´t understand why does it take so long to release the River of TIme + DLC here:

- Both the former Drakensang and RoT is owned by the same company, same goes for DLC.
- English translation of DLC was missing in the beginning (it was only in German), but was added later on via patch - again, the same company.

I really would love to own it here + I thought it will be released shortly after the first one.
If anyone from blues can shed a light on this - why does it take so damn long!??
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I also would love to have RoT here!
Also looking forward to a GOG release of the rest of them. Seeing as they're available on Steam here in the US, I don't think there are legal issues in doing so.

I already own the Complete edition disk set. However, I vaguely recall the disk DRM being questionable at best. Having had one DVD-R/RW drive get partially borked by such shoddy disk DRM in the late 2000s, I'm always hesitant to try them on my PC. Especially now that the software has aged and could be even more troublesome. Plus it requires the disk in the drive while playing - another annoyance.
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That's a good point, they're available on Steam here so... Hmm.
Uh, steam says game is not available in my country..
I played this long time ago from retail disc.

Came here to hopefully get it again, but i guess that wont happen? :-/