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Does it matter?

This is a very good game (better than lucas arts finest IMO) and it's status (whatever that may be) is no reflection of quality.
rahal: Does it matter?

This is a very good game (better than lucas arts finest IMO) and it's status (whatever that may be) is no reflection of quality.
you so craaaazy
That's my opinion which I shall defend to the death.
hedwards: Did HotU ever get back online? I remember for a while it was being dropped for reasons related to domain registration.
It's back online, though it had to go through a bit of a reset. Here's the address:

They've been one of the better AW sites out there, 'cause they actually provide things like reviews and screenshots. When something's commercially available, they link to that rather than a download, and they're still good about linking to extra goodies like patches and manuals.
First off, probably none of the games on GOG are truly abandonware so much as the copyright owners have chosen to allow them to be obtained for free. Take Ultima IV for example. That games is definitely not abandonware. It is available for free, however, on the Ultima Forever site, but that is the official Ultima site owned by the copyright holders, EA, who chose to let GOG distribute it here as well. Remember even though games may be free, they may not appear on GOG if GOG doesn't work with the copyright owners. A good example of this is Daggerfall, which is available free from Bethesda's site, but not here on GOG. The only games that are truly abandonware are ones which were released by a software company that no longer exists and that were not bought by any other companies. A good example of this is the RPG Prophecy of the Shadow about which its creator/programmer Jaime McEntire has explained he would rather see people download and enjoy than let his work go forgotten. Other game designers have said similar things. The closest thing to Abandonware on GOG is Teen Agent, which is a shareware game. I'm not even sure, however, that it is still possible to buy the full version.
Oh, and regarding HOTU, it is back online, and has many links sending gamers here to buy the games. HOTU seems more likely to support GOG type sites than go the "abandonware" route.
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jetrian: Well, to be honest i prefer to pay a little sum of money for a game which has got support, dedicated install, no matter its age.I know EVERY one of you here has downloaded, at least once, an "abandonware".Was it so easy to install? Was easy for the most configure dosbox, or even figure it exist?
I think that gog is doing a very good job.
I agree wholeheartedly! GOG IS doing a wonderful job that was really not being done exactly this way by anyone else, and it was sorely missed! I love to help support GOG (and RetroGaming as a whole) with my business and dollars hehehe

AND they do all the tech-work, compatability-fixes, etc. for the player--YAY! Because tweaking sucks ass! (And I gotta tell ya: I am sooo sick to DEATH of tweaking FFS by now! hehehe) Jeez, what a bitch of chore it is to have to like track down and tweak every little thing alla time! hehehe

But about the Abandonware-thing, I don't worry about the legalities so much hehehe I mean if some company is not actually selling nor supporting a game they once made, then I'm not "stealing" it if I get it and play it anyway hehehe I just would have to find whatever support I may need from someone/somewhere else wherever out there hehehe

But GOG is oftenly getting new games in, so I buy them now, a few at a time hehe I bet it's only a matter of time before GOG will be offering a lot more new old games readily available here than at present, each with lots and lots of goodies hehehe
tomimt: Not as such, as abandonware really isn't a true legal base. It's just something that has been coined up by people.

A game can become free only if its creator releases it for free or certain amount of time expires, thus dumping it in public domain.
Yep! The actual, literal term for that last is Freeware. Not all "abandonware" is freeware, but it might be hehehe
LonePaladin: A really good example of a truly abandoned game is the old Broderbund RPG "The Dark Heart of Uukrul". Came out in '90 or '91, and isn't available for sale anywhere that I've seen. The publisher's site makes no mention of it whatsoever. So, if it weren't for abandonware sites (and nostalgic people like me), that game would've vanished years ago.
Yes, yes! This another good thing that both abandonware sites and such (the good ones, primarily) and GOG should be--and ARE--doing: Preserving old games hehehe Man, that stuff's gotta be archived, stored in a virtual library hehehe That's like video-game History, man! You gotta record history and then keep the recordings hehehe
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Avatara: I can tell you right now mate that a large portion of the games on abandonia are not abandon/free ware.
You are right about that. Abandonia now links here for many games. This "experiment" has proven to be quite successful and many former "abandonwares" have turned out to be bestsellers showing most old games do have potential to sell again even after years of being "abandoned". Abandonia just wants to do their best to find lawful means of getting early games. Still, if you look hard enough there are some great legal freebies out there. For example, Bethesda has Daggerfall available for download on their site, and they are the copyright holders. Also there is a classic adventure series called Transylvania from Penguin software that is available for free from the copyright holders, but I don't remember exactly where it is. Google it. Also, there are games that are owned by the original programmers that may be actual "abandonware" in which the copyright holder/programmers would rather have their games played for free than forgotten. Again, good Google skills may help you find those people. Hopefully they can find GOG and put those games here.
I heard you can archive games on systems that are no longer available and break the copy write as well.