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I wanted to invite everyone to the Unofficial/Official Dragon's Dogma Discord Server

Rules are pretty simple, and the community is very active, we have music, videos, help for all topics, giveaways, news, on topic and off topic you name it :)

1. Try to keep on topic of the channel you are using. We are trying to keep this place organized for easy reference. (You can check each channels intended post selecting the channel and clicking on the text next to the channel's title in the top-center of the chat window)
2. Respect the wishes of your community members, be they a mod or normal person. Treat them how you would want to be treated.
3. Regular members you are active will have the ability to @ everyone and @ here. If you are one of these members please do not use @ everyone! Please only use @ here. That will notify everyone that is currently online in the server.
4. We have mods and admins for a reason. If you find you are in need of one, please @ them. Be kind and remember they are human too and can't supervise the chat 24/7.
5. Whether or not you are banned depends entirely on how you interact with our/your community. Bans are un-appealable and work on a case by case basis from a mod and/or admin. The best you can do to avoid being removed from the server is to see that you apply common sense to what you say and react to others with.
6. We do random and seasonal giveaways. If you have the time, please vote in our poll below to help us understand what kind of games you like.
7. Have fun. Remember we are here to enjoy ourselves and relax
Hope to see you in the Discord!
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Wow! I didn't know we had a link to our discord group on gog (was just made aware of this). Just so people are aware, we have adjusted and simplified our rules since this post. If joining, please check out the rules channel and enjoy yourselves. We're the hangout of current and former dogma players so don't feel like you need to talk dogma 100% of the time in there.

If you do join our group, let us know if you are a player from gog by requesting the gog user role in our assignments channel. We'ver only seen 3 people so far that we know are players here, but the link posted here has seen more than 50 uses so we wonder if maybe we have more gog players than we thought. When someone from gog shows up looking for more players on gog it would be helpful to be able to point them towards those who are also from here.

(Thanks HappyHotpocket for making this linked post)

Update - The link above no longer works due to a reboot the group underwent. Please use the link below if you're interested in joining the discord group.

New Link -
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