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EDIT: Wrong place, sorry to accidentally necro
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What is this shit. Why is the rental bug not fixed?
This is a game were online features are very important and you don't care to fix it or kick capcom in their lazy greedy asses to fix it?

So i wasted my money on a game not functioning as it should or advertised.
Great job Gog!!!

Should've bought it on Steam. Atleast over there the game works as it should.

Never buy a game from GoG that has important online features. A lesson i learned the hard way.
Thank you for nothing and grabbing my money GoG,,,
This problem appears to still be very much active. I have an issue with an older save game that involves receiving a Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Service Is Not Available message whenever resting at an inn or staging post (often at the camp near Cassardis, too, when simply moving across the camp grounds).

I have been able to confirm that the problem is pawn-related, and it appears to be caused by reverting back to old save games ( so it is also acting like a trade ban, but one which is never removed ). I have tried having Gog client cloud saves enabled, but that makes no difference whatsoever. In fact, the only thing that seems able to resolve the problem is ensuring that any older save games that are to be used in place of the most recent have a Date Modified date and time stamp that matches *exactly* that of the file they are replacing ...but if the error is already present there appears to be no way of fixing it short of restarting the game, and with an entirely new character (otherwise, even if the player is starting from scratch, the problem will simply manifest itself again just as soon as they acquire a pawn and rest somewhere).
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Is this issue fixed yet?

Oh, nevermind I found a newer topic here:
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