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Hello everyone,

After postponing it for a long time, I updated to windows 10 version 1709 yesterday. And alas, the game now runs at 8-15 fps, even in the main menu and title screen whereas before the update it ran at a smooth 60+ fps allround. The only recent change was the windows update. Video drivers etc. are all up to date as well. Other games I have checked ran normally.

Tried reinstalling DDDA, and reinstalling drivers, all to no avail.

I was wondering if anyone else expierienced issues like this with DDDA on windows 10 (1709) or knows a fix to this problem.

Specs for reference:

i7 CPU 920 2.67GHz
Geforce GTX 770
Windows 10 1709 (16299.192)

Thanks in advance!
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try disabling online mode, fixed much of my response issues.