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feel free to add me as a friend on here so we can use each others pawns. Just picked this up for PC. played over 400 hrs of it on Xbox 360. happy to be playing again!
I'll add, even though I won't get to the game for a bit. Thanks for the invite.
Just started the game! Really liking it, my Pawns name is Tora, add me!
Just started the Game too and i love it, i will add you ^^
add everone :]
One more here!

Pawn's name Alice


Utilitarian | Medicant | xyz to be.


Still Alice and a Mage.

Weapon is Legion's Might 3 Stars (Legion's Might = Once downed she revives automatically after a few seconds, no need to pick her up), Gear will change (roughly lvl 50 by now) otherwise.

Skills are:

High Anodyne (heal)
High Spellscreen (defense buff)
Ice Affinity (Weapon enchant for Ice)
High Silentium (Silence for enemies)
High Halidom (purge of debuffs except petrification and wet)
Holy Affinity (Weapon enchant for Holy)

Intervention: Reduces cumulative damage when you are debilitated by Archmagicks by 15%.
Apotropaism: Increases Magick Defense by 30.
Beatitude: Increases the duration of Curative Magick by 50%.
Perpetuation: Increases the duration of Enchantments by 30%.
Attunement: Increases Magick by 10%.
Inflection :Halves the damage taken while preparing a spell.

She is Utilitarian (meaning she aims for enemies' weaknesses, for instance ice buffs against Goblin-kin and Holy buff against Undead) | Medicant (Healing and selfpreservation) | Nexus (carrying other downed pawns to you when you're far off).
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And another one here. Played on 360 and Steam, taking things a bit slower this time. I will return your pawns mostly un-traumatized.
EDIT: Since the Pawn system is busted for me, and you chaps prolly have no need for a Level 200 Pawn, please do not attempt to add me anymore. Thanks.
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Pawn's name is Jhanna, pretty well built support mage with some upgraded gear. Played through on PS3 years ago when the game came out but finally playing on PC now.
You can use my pawn too if you want. Her name's Jenna (moniker's Victoria), she's a strider with some good

enchanted gear (right now it's a mix of rank 1, 2 and 3). My pawn's inclinations are scather (primary) and pioneer

(secondary). Around 2012 I heard about this game, I choose to give it a pass since it was not on pc, but thanks

to GOG I can now finally play this beast of a game.
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Just started 2 days ago. Am up to lv 21.

I played the game on the PS3 platform with multiple NG+, really glad to play it on PC.

My pawn is a dedicated tank called "Everlean". She has decent gear, but I do let her show a bit of legs <3.


I had a "Connection Error" right after I accepted the first Friends Request. Not sure if my pawn has been "published"? Do give me a PM if you succeed in linking up with Everlean.

I have managed to use Jhanna (cool support mage with heals and crowd control spells) and Alice (Necro Sorc if I remember correctly) to complement my tank pawn Everlean and my Magick Archer Arisen.
everlean.jpg (180 Kb)
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I'm happy that DD:DA is now available on GOG.
I've played it many hours on PS3 years ago including new game plus and beating the boss of the dark arisen add on.

My pawn Amelia / Amy is currently a warrior, ready to let some bad guys fly. She must be around level 16 now and has better gear than my arisen.

I'm sending out some friendship request.
Feel free to add me and test my pawn. :)
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I just accidentally rejected a friend request. whoever you were, feel free to ask again. :(
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Hello everybody! Lady Izalith is looking forward to be invited in your worlds as a loyal guard of thee. She is a lvl 14 warrior with exceptional mother-like protectiveness :3 mages and archers gonna feel themselves behind a chinese wall :)
Taking a break. No more pawns.
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