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I bring up the Eternal Ferrystone, I use it from the inventory menu. The map shows up letting me choose between Casardys and Gran Soren, I pick one and then the map is closed, my character holds the stone up and I can throw it away with RMB or throw it away with LMB.

Nothing happens.

I dont think this is how fast travel is supposed to work, right?
well i just went in and checked it out
it seemed to work normally for me
inventory>use item>select location on map>scene of my toon throwing it in air and forming a rift >boom arrive at destination

not sure what went wrong for you i don't seem to have had any rmb/lmb indicators to throw it manually

all i can think of is maybe you interrupted the scene causing it to fail since my last interaction was selecting the destination from the map
I had the same question about the goggles.
khatmar: I dont think this is how fast travel is supposed to work, right?
Me neither. There's definitely something wrong with your game, you sholudn't be able to use the Ferrystone like you use throwables. Fast Travel is always automatic. The worst that can happen is your game brashing, not freezing or sumthn.

And there's nothing that can interrupt fast travel, save for very specific positioning in the environment or animation transition from other action taken just before using the Ferrystone.

BTW Using any mods?
yep once you use the ferry stone and choose a location it automatically enters the throw-in-the-air cutscene and you are transported to the picked location. You aren't suppose to be able to toss it, etc.

The only thing that can interrupt the cutscene like previous poster said is a weird positioning in the area, such as if your standing on a small ledge, crack, etc and go to use the stone, and suddenly you stumble off the ledge, and actually can walk about breaking the cutscene, but then again you can just use the stone again and it will work anyway.