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TL;DR: I bought the GOG edition after having issues with my Origins copy not being able to load properly the DLCs and the expansion. However, I got the same behavior from EA Origins. After searching through all the DA:O forums, I found the issue was DA:O legacy way of putting the DLCs on the user who installed the game (AKA: the admin account), and thus we need to copy/paste them into our non-admin account(s) for be able to play it without giving high privileges to the game.


I remember that in 2015-2016 I installed DA: Origins with the EA client on a Windows 10 host, and I was able to play straightforward (after proper fixes and mods). Now, I started to play again, but the DLCs were complicated to launch. I ending using the DA fandom wiki [1] to force making the DLC to work. However, big was my surprise that I was unable to launch the expansion as “New Game” only launched the OC (missed that after so many years without playing).
So, thinking that EA was to blame, and that since my last playthrough, the DA:O was available here at GOG. I bought the game to try my luck. For this, I uninstalled first the copy from Origins, then I went to “My Documents” and erased the DA content, I verified that no more content was there from the previous installation. I proceed to use Gog Galaxy to install the DA:O, and surprise, I got the same behavior as Origins. I read the first two pages of this forum looking for recent issues, and as their suggestion failed, I put a ticket.

After the ticket I went further through the forum, finding this has been a common complain through the years. There is even a hotfix that at 2021 is useless [5] . Eventually I found [4] (run as Administrator) I tested and Waala! , I finally saw the DLC by default. So, I went further into [6] where I understand what was different at my previous playthrough and this one: On this host, my day-to-day account is not an admin account. Big was my surprise to see there was a Player directory on the admin account. By copying the files AddIns.xml and offers.xml I was able to see the DLCs on my game.

This probably was also the case for my original Origins copy. I feel a little dumb by buying again the game. But at least now I don’t need the 4GB patch neither installing “Tale of Orzammar” externally. And the reason I’m putting this here is that we truly need a stick topic about this specific scenario. This seems to be a known problem, but not even before the creation of my support ticket I got a reference to [4] or [6].

[1] [url=][/url])