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I had purchased, downloaded, installed, and played DA:O when it was first made available on GOG about a year ago. However, I stopped playing the game after a while and eventually uninstalled it.

Recently, I re-downloaded (along with a patch update), re-installed, and resumed playing my old unfinished DA:O game. However, the screenshot feature no longer works for me. When I hit the "prt sc" button, the game still flickers briefly as though a screenshot were being taken, but nothing appears in the User folder within the Screenshot folder. Curiously, I tried deleting the User folder and then taking a screenshot, which causes a new User folder to appear but with no screenshot inside.

I've messed around with a few other possible solutions that I came across on google (i.e.: changing the resolution, assigning the print screen option to a different button), but nothing has worked so far.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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