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I tried downloading this because the ultimate edition includes all the DLC and you can't buy them alone any more. I already have the game on steam, and disk, with the save files just moved around. I bought this game, and after three failed downloads, it asks me for a peice of software I already have, and it won't run the game without it. I check some stuff on my computer, and IT BROKE EVERY FRICKEN BIOWARE GAME I OWN! Suddenly, all my mass effect and dragon age games don't work at all. I found the software in the game files, clicked on it, some NVIDIA thing popped up and asked if I agreed to their terms, then it froze. And even though GOG is on a drive with over a terribyte of space on it, it is trying to dowload everything to a completly full drive, and is incapable of dowloading anywhere else. This isn't even asking for help, because the whole thing makes no sense! I don't think anyone can give advice. And I will be seriously pissed off if GOG destroyed all my save files, and hundreds of hours of gameplay. I'm not sure what can be done about this, but I needed to express how angry I am at GOG for wrecking my favourite game. And as a side note GOG galaxy has been causing issues on my computer for months.
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