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We will try to get approval for missing promo DLCs, but Camp Storage Chest is not one of them - it's just a mod 'example'.
Riveir: I am not getting any of the downloadable content at all. Any ideas? Also mods don't work either. Fresh install new game.
standalone installer? Or via Galaxy client?
Any previous DAO installs (Steam / Origin / retail etc) ?
high rated
KingCross: [...]
Missing CE items + A Tale of Orzammar have just been added in a patch.

EDIT: typos ><
Post edited July 19, 2016 by Thiev
Thiev: Missing CE items + A Tale of Orzammar has just added in a patch.
kokosabre: Any chance to edit my review and mention that those are added to the game?(its on the top)
Ideally, just open a Support ticket and send us the entire review, in updated form. It will make it easiest to edit it. :) I don't think it should take us more than a day to process. :)
Zanderat: If I have already installed them, will the patch simply overwrite them?
dummblahkahn: You guys truely rock!

So what about the full soundtrack? ;-)
It was always (and still is) sold separately. Not gonna happen ;)
daelock: anyone know if the recent patch includes the blood dragon armor. ?
Blood Dragon Armor was included from the start