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If you are wanting to install the Toolset, or any mods (.dazip format) using DAUpdater.exe (from the bin_ship subdirectory of the main game directory), you will need to modify the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\bioware\Dragon Age\Path_ to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\bioware\Dragon Age\Path , otherwise the toolset will not install and DAUpdater.exe will fail to properly register any mods added to the game, not to mention failing to add them to AddIns.xml within the player's %HOMEPATH% Bioware directory (%HOMEPATH% typically being My Documents on Windows operating systems).

Default tactics within the game, in my game at least, are horribly broken; and the Advanced Tactics mod is too old to work with the Ultimate Edition (although the source code for AT is available for download via Nexus Mods), but Even More Advanced Tactics does work. Note: if a player wants tactics to be applied to their player character it is necessary to either control the party via another party member or to scroll to a section entitled Advanced Tactics (part of both AT and EMAT) and click on the Possessed button, which will then flash a brief message up on the screen and will ensure that tactics are then applied to your PC. There is also, in the same section of the Skills panel, another button, Traitors, which is intended to make thief characters within the party automatically attempt attacks of opportunity (back-stabbing, for example).

Adding the console to the game is simple enough, too...

Windows OS: edit DAOriginsLauncher.xml from within the %HOMEPATH% Bioware directory...

<condition name="FirstRunCheck" type="FileExist" file="${USERDATA_DIR}\SystemInformation.xml">

The line below should be something like this:

<true action="execute" file="${BINARIES_DIR}\DAOrigins.exe" path="${BINARIES_DIR}" autoquit="true" />

Add an attribute arguments="-enabledeveloperconsole" to it make it read:

<true action="execute" file="${BINARIES_DIR}\DAOrigins.exe" path="${BINARIES_DIR}" arguments="-enabledeveloperconsole" autoquit="true" />

Mac OS: locate the config file in the user library by going to Library/Preferences/Dragon Age Origins Preferences, then copy and paste, or add, the following to the end of the file:


"cmdlineadd" = "-enabledeveloperconsole"

By default the grave key is used to open the console (a small white command prompt in the top corner of the screen). This can be changed by editing the two OpenConsole_0 values within KeyBindings.ini in the %HOMEPATH% Bioware directory. The value for the tilde button key (that situated below the ESC key on UK keyboards) is: Keyboard::Button_Tilde. It might also be necessary to use a mod called Visible Console Text in order make the console text visible.

Hopefully this will save some frustration for some people trying to play or mod the game. Donations and gratitude are not necessary, but opposition to any and all threats to our freedom of expression and freedom of speech, both on the internet and off, is most welcome ...especially with several hours and counting down to the EU's next attempt to hit us all hard with Articles 11 and 13 of the Copyright Directive [ #SaveTheLink
#SaveYourInternet #StopCensorshipMachines ]
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