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How will GOG handle this?
A new, permanent freebie, or will the game leave the catalogue?
I hope they don't remove this from the store. It is a great game, even if it is technical a little bugy here and there.

So my guess is, that it remains as a freebie or stay with its current price of € 3.79 (or $ 4.99 I guess). Maybe it will help them with the production of the remake, if they make some more money out of this. In my opinion it is absolutly worth it. :)
Yes, indeed it is.
I bought it here some time ago though I owned it already.
At the moment Desura is selling it for € 1.36 (66% off) and GamersGate for € 8.95 !!!
Thanks! GOG will most likely include the 2009 edition free with each copy of the new edition. Other details aren't solid yet though, sorry. It's also up to them if they wish to keep 2009 on sale for now or not, they are aware that we made it freeware :)
Thanks for replying :)
It's good to hear that not another game will drop out of the GOG catalogue.

Waiting for the new edition now.
Maybe version 2.0 could be made available now, with a warning about that ending bug? It's broken, but it's a piece of history :)
I have Downfall 1.4 (bought from GOG and directly from S7), Downfall 2.0 (bought from GamersGate long time ago), Downfall Agnes demo and Downfall interrogation demo in my collection :) Shame I missed \ haven't had a chance to get Russian disc version.
So I've bought the original Downfall for nothing. And even with the discount code I am happy to pay for the same game twice. It's not like there are thousands of other games out there that beg me to buy them as well.