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The game was recently update and now... a white window just flickers on and off several times and then the error dialog from Adventure Game Studio pops up at the end.

Edit: From GoG Galaxy menu, I selected "Show Folder", set the compatibility for the executable to run in 640x480 mode - game loads now (from the folder.. it will no longer launch from GoG Galaxy... ?)

There's a winsetup.exe in the folder as well (Adventure Game Studio tweak app?). I removed the OS compatability and tweaked the startup parameters (don't try to upgrade it to 32 bit... it's apparently 16 bit?). I gave it a nice big cache too. It's not like I'm running a computer from the 90's. ;-)
sshot-1.png (24 Kb)
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You should just need to raise the "Graphics filter" level to 2x or 3x to fix this. Additionally set it to "windowed mode" for more diagnostics (if it runs or not).

Please note although our games may be on/in GOG Galaxy, we have not actually done any specific integration with that system ourselves for any of our titles at this point.
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