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I noticed there was an autoexec.cfg files included in this release of the original Doom 3 and it uses a community-made fix for ensuring Ultra quality settings are enabled with the game. While many of the automated settings helps with getting Doom 3 running at its highest settings, there are some settings that honestly could be left to the user to decide, in particular the autoexec.cfg files included with the game forces MSAA x8 and -2 LOD bias by default, the former is especially a problem since it is EXTREMELY taxing on the game, especially when running on resolutions above 1080p, and the negative LOD bias on textures can cause shimmering due to the anti-ailising method the game uses. I know that this can be fixed ourselves, but considering this GOG and generally release games already configured to run with minimal hassle, I think removing these CVars (or setting the LOD bias to 0 by default) should make the user experience much better. The CVars in question I suggest removing them are the following

seta r_multiSamples "8"
seta image_lodbias "-2" (or set this to "0" instead)

I would also like to suggest adding these two other CVars that I don't see mentioned often is the font scaling. By default the game renders text fonts at a low quality, making them look blurry and fuzzy looking, but it can be improved by adding the following two CVars to the autoexec.cfg files that will make the font rendering much cleaner and sharper, as well as improving readability in higher resolutions.

seta gui_mediumFontLimit "0"
seta gui_smallFontLimit "0"

So can we please have the MSAA not be forced on by default and fix the default LOD bias while adding these two CVars to improve the font rendering?
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