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Firstly, just wanted to say thanks so much to Id software, GOG and Bethesda for adding these to the GOG catalog!
My favorite game is now DRM free!

I have a couple feature requests that would be awesome:

I would love to see achievements for Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom in GOG Galaxy. I understand that Galaxy's Achievement system is still being worked on, but please consider this for the future. I would specifically really love to see an achievement for completing Final Doom:The Plutonia Experiment on Ultra-Violence difficulty. (Or perhaps also Nightmare difficulty for the super hardcore players.)

Also, a feature to access Doom's command line parameters in Galaxy, so that one can use "-file" to load custom .wad files that are placed in the game's directory. I love source ports, but I would also like to fully utilize Vanilla Doom's mod capabilities from within GOG Galaxy. Cheers!