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The update called "All's Well that Maxwell" is released!
Here is the official announcement.

"All's Well that Maxwell" Release Notes (Oct 22 2013 - Build 88179):


- Maxwell has his player power.

- Mosquito drops loot.

- The "Totally Normal Tree" now spawns in the world.

- A "Top Mods" section has been added to the mods screen. It doesn't function yet, but it will show the top 5 most popular mods of the day.

Tweaks/ Changes:

- Depths Worms attacks now ramp up over an increased time period.
- Spitter Spiders had their range and projectile speed decreased.

- The Miner Hat can be refueled.
- Wickerbottom's books have descriptions.
- Tooth Trap and Bee Mines are now "deployable" objects. They can no longer be packed too closely by dropping them.

- Rearranged some of the front end.
- Added FX to mining animation.
- Added FX to book reading animation.
- Improved feedback when taking damage over time.
- Added some additional music to the ruins.
- Made some improvements to the text widget
- Improved console screen focus.
- Improved controller controls and prompts for teleportato.
- Added additional art to the credits screen.

- Action button will now harvest farms, crockpots and drying racks.

Bug Fixes:

- Befriending music will now play for bunnymen and chess creatures.
- Batalisks have been given a strong stomach.
- The Ancient Guardian will drop his horn again.
- Shadow Hands will appear again.
- The Pig King will no longer throw gold on top of himself and surrounding obelisks.
- Chester no longer uses the old death effect.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing pathfinding from working with walls.
- Shadow entities no longer appear as chunky messes in the Mac and Linux versions.
- Chess monsters will now retaliate when being attacked by other chess monsters that are following the player.
- MacTusk's icehounds will no longer respawn instantly under the right conditions.
- You can no longer click-spam pigs to force feed them and gain extra poop.
- Fix for bee/mosquito sounds so they don't accumulate at the world origin.

- The Lazy Forager's amulet will now also pick up any animals that are caught in a trap when the trap is collected.
- Pumpkin lanterns no longer bounce when placed.
- Snurtle Shell Armour will provide protection again.
- Picking a mushroom as day phase changes will no longer cause the mushroom to regrow immediately.
- Breaking down a Cook Pot with a completed food item will cause the item to drop in the rubble.
- Tents and Sleeping Rolls now properly restore body heat.
- The Glow Berry is now tradeable.
- Tree Stumps can now be burnt.
- Creatures can no longer walk through walls that have been destroyed and rebuilt.
- Fixed some issues with save/load states on Light Plants.
- Heat Rocks now emit light if they are heated up outside your inventory.
- Items do not rot on death in caves.
- Walls no longer sleep - this should help with some caged animals escaping their pens.
- Fixed some issues with the Forager Amulet duplicating traps.
- Boomerang now works against the Tentapillar.

- Light effects on nightmare lights can now be clicked through.
- Rearranged some items in setpieces to allow for proper pathfinding.
- Players will now react to being hit by bees and mosquitoes.
- Music will play during credits on the standalone version.
- Fixed some issues with resurrecting.
- Water is no longer culled while still on screen.
- Fixed some issues with the player appearing at the wrong location when changing cave levels.
- Actions are now canceled when you change your tool mid-action.
- Maxwell's Shadow no longer lingers in the world during the intro.
- Shadows now rotate correctly.
- Cleaned up some TaskInTime calls to prevent memory growth.
- Made Cave Gen a bit more consistent in an effort to remove MaxWorldGen crashes.
- The book reading FX is now canceled if the action is.
- The HUD will now hide during the tent's fade out.
- Shift clicking now works properly between backpacks and player inventory.
- Removed double-click sound when clicking build recipe.
- Fixed beesplosion when trying to stuff bees into a full container.
- The confirmation window will now close if you press "no" when entering Maxwell's door.
- Fixed a crash that happened during the loading of some adventure levels.
- Adventure World (two worlds) will no longer crash on generation.
- Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in a state by pressing the map button while trying to sleep.

- You can now add placeable items to a fire while using a controller.
- You can now press and hold to hammer.
- You can now navigate the controls screen with a controller.
- Fix for issues with using keyboard controlled crafting and mouse walking.
- Fixed items disappearing if you tap pickup very quickly.
- "Useable" items like the Telelocator Staff and Bush Hat can now be used when playing with a controller.

- Lucy the Axe will no longer continue to talk after finishing adventure mode with Woodie.
- Fixed some layering issues on the final level of adventure mode.
- Camera doesn't shake when doing work as Woodie.
- Woodie the Werebeaver now uses seperate attack and action buttons.
- Player character will not emit frost breath when facing upwards.
- Tuned locomotor to prevent jittering at higher player speeds.


Mod System:
- Mods which overwrite core game assets have usually crashed the game unless the game is restarted once. Now a mod can specify this to force the game to restart when the mod is loaded.
- Mods can now specify an arbitrary save slot instead of using slots 1-4. This is useful for 'game mode' mods which don't sit nicely on top of an existing Don't Starve save.

- Road textures can now be overwritten by a mod.

World Gen:
- Can now specify the range of background nodes to generate for each node in the level definition.
- Tasks with blockers can now specify what their "blank" nodes are in case you don't want it to be ocean.
- Tasks have a little more control over internal connectedness by specifying a custom crosslink factor for rooms, and whether or not the rooms are generated in a loop.

- AddGameDebugKey and AddGlobalDebugKey are now global functions, so mods can utilise them for testing.
- Better logging when animations and builds are missing.
- Sublime Text, a great script editor, is now packaged with the mod tools in Steam! Use this when working with Lua files for syntax highlighting, multi-file search, and other handy editing tricks.
Both hotfixes are already included in the current GOG installer version.
See: Don't Starve installer s have been updated to version 88307 (PC + Mac)

Hotfix (88224)
- Screecher Mod properly included in mac and linux builds
- Fix crash when attacking bosses
- Fix bug with water faucet in screecher
- Fix for invisible maxwell teeth traps
- Updated string tables for translators
- ruins busy music should play dropped items don't pop up as high, so they're less likely to get stuck on things
- nil check some values in playerprofile.lua add epic tag to ancient guardian
- chester will keep up with player
- maxwell will regen his book on load if he doesn't have it

Hotfix (88307)
- Fix for some rare crashes with the stats overseer
- screecher should be included in standalone builds (for real this time)
- fix for modindex crash when you have an invalid mod
- fix for crash in follower.lua
- fix beehive daily spawn schedule
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Hotfix (88571)
- Fix for Wolfgang sometimes getting stuck during the intro
- Fix for crash with explosives
- Fixed endless summer preset
- Shadow creatures don't trigger mines anymore.
- Maxwell's shadows will now die when he does.
- Fix for dropping equippable tools under full-container conditions.
- Fixed some issues with Woodie, Chester and Wilson's Beard when entering/ leaving caves.
- Birds can no longer be killed while flying away.
- Added string for save file selection menus when a mod defines a custom world mode.
Major Hotfix (89685)

Gameplay fixes
- Add naughtiness to smallish tallbird
- shadow maxwells scare rabbits
- wilson is invincible while sleeping
- fix recipe prototyping to work with new tech level splits
- fix for Winter is generated in spite of the 'Season' preset setting being set to 'Only Summer'. in the 'World Menu'
- fix for wolfgang saying how mighty he is and totally ruining everything in the intro NIS
- Make telelocator check for water when teleporting randomly
- prevent infinite loot fountain from beaver-gnawed spiky tree
- Stumps can now be lit on fire after loading.
- Stumps now propagate fire.
- fix for placing structures after eating a glow fruit
- fix maxwell mine visibility
- heatrocks work in backpacks
- instead of clearing followers from saveindex on load which can result in them being lost, clear followers on any save that is not an ascend/descend
- fix crash when lureplants eat bees
- Now reset the colour cube on load to deal with loading and saving between insane and non insane games.
- made evergreens and cave entrances non-clickable when they are first worked to stop you from interacting with them by accident
- Planted pine cone has different name from unplanted
- Abigail is is now tagged as a "character", additionally the tentacle will retaliate against anything in range that is attacking it
- lantern swap bug fix
- lantern can't be turned on in pocket
- killing a baby beefalo is very naughty
- Made a "SelfStacker" component and added it to the houndstooth, monster meat and spoiledfood to improve base clenliness and performance in very long games
- Rubble no longer crashes
- Armour will always return 0 damage if the absorb percent is >= 1.
- There is now only one "Sinkhole" room per task. This will remove the case of regularly seeing two cave entrances near each other.
- Made "characterspecific.lua" a component for items that are only supposed to be on one character. Added it to all character specific items.
- fix bug where nightmare stuff was getting turned on in second overworlds
- fix for occasional cave gen fail
- Fix for wes talking
- Walrus blow dart is no longer targettable/inspectable during flight
- Fix for two bugs: Leif not exiting frozen once hit and minotaur being stunlockable.
- Made beefalo poop in the old way, and fixed a problem with their babies never showing up
- Catcher now makes sure the projectile it's tracking is valid before attempting to preform functions with it.
- Combat function now ensures that the entity it's on is still around before calling GetDistSqToInst.
- Ham bat no longer loses durability from being used, but does spoil over time
- Ham bat and flower hat both display spoilage graphics instead of text percentages in order to reflect that they are spoiling over time
- fixed occasional invisible maxwell intro bug
- properly report farm plot fertilization success
- make the build placers opaque so that they show up better
- make burnt trees more visible when they are highlighted
- Deerclops will knock down anything he collides with that is tagged "tree", allowing him to pass through.
- Divining rod will not disappear when attacking.
- made hambat non-edible to avoid interface confusion. Gave it higher damage to compensate.
- flower hat is not edible to reduce interface confusion
- make dusk announcement more generic, so that it doesn't mention fire.
- Inventory items that also have brains will now hibernate while they are held by an owner.
- Bees no should no longer buzz while in a container.
- Fix for mandrake crash when travelling between cave levels.
- Use consistent language for the settings screen in FE and pause menu
- Fix for inventory items getting into a bad state when you try to put them into an already-full chester
- Birds can no longer be killed while flying away.
- Shadow Creatures will not trigger tooth traps.
- Fix woodie, chester contents, and beard issues when time catches up when leaving / entering caves
- Fix for dropping equippable tools under full-container conditions
- Maxwell's Shadows will now die when he does.
- Fix bee spawn schedule

Controller stuff
- Added a controller debug menu
- Improved attack/interaction picker
- Added vibration (it can be toggled off)
- added controller hints to the front end screens and made them more consoleish when a controller is attached
- When using dpad to use un-equipped item on the scene, it will now be equipped if required
- Fix for item-on-item interactions with controller
- Fix "for science!" button controller focus when you beat the game
- Inventory hint stays up longer
- Added trigger tooltips to inventory and crafting bars
- Controller tips for inventory and container items are at more sensible offsets
- add louder controller focus change sound
- added repeat rate for controller page/value changes
- hooked up sounds to page flips
- don't play scrolling sounds after the ends of the crafting menu
- When using a controller pressing the "INVENTORY_USEONSELF" bind will now first toggle deployable mode on (if applicable) a 2nd press will execute any action related to the bind if deployable mode was triggered.
- Keep the crafting menu open as you open and close the map
- make controller scrolling move a page at a time in the character select screen
- changed the sense of the rotation buttons to be more logical
- controller focus movement in FE has repeat when held
- Use the correct string (based on type, not index) to name the controller you're configuring on the controls screen
- Added default PS3 controller bindings on OSX
- Added various missing control bindings across platforms
- Split ui focus controls from movement
- Split prev/next controls from prev/next page, bound to spinner
- Controls screen listens for pgup/pgdown, scrolls by half-screens so you can see some paired controls better
- Deprecated "custom control" values which are unused inhouse, hopefully unused in mods
- Increment control mapping version, invalidating users' current mapping settings (sorry!)
- When hovering a stackable item over a stack of the same type the hint now says "Put" instead of "Swap" to match the behaviour

- Re-enabled mipmapping on pc - the game should look much cleaner at low resolutions now
- Set up better timer code for osx and linux
- Lots of GPU / shader optimizations - the game should run better on older cards
- made killer bee brains cheaper
- made controller button popup checker cheaper
- Fire fighting - Perf improvement with burning trees (lights in general). Light buffer is now quarter res (actually it's fixed res)
- Lua spike prevention - no defered userdata cleanup, timeslicing "built-in"

UI fixes
- disable crafting/inventory opening when you are a beaver
- adjust recipe description text over slightly
- properly pause game when prompting the player to confirm activation of adventure portal so that controller input isn't picked up by the game
- The audio settings are automatically changed when starting a new game on a fresh install
- fix scrolling issue with crafting UI
- Fix mousewheel zoom on map screen
- clock is now more legible
- Don't stop FE music when a character is selected
- Updated fonts in inventory bar for legibility
- Spoilable inventory items now also have a highlight outline behind their icon/text
- fix text cut-off in crafting menu
- replaced big arrow button anims with image buttons
- hide hud and squelch interaction when going through wormhole
- map screen panning is smooth instead of chunky
- Remove non-functional open/close prompt for equipped containers when using controller
- arrow added to hud for backpack
- inventory bg is one solid image
- move chester open menu up to the top of the screen
- opening chester will close chests and vice-versa (so they don't overlap)
- Display deaths recorded as "unknown" as "shenanigans" instead

- Did full string pass - there should be no more missing strings
- Player character Art is high-res for nicer closeups

Changes from the preview
- Fix for are corrupted stretched textures on the map when two world settings are set to "lots"
- Fix for The 'Save and return to main menu' overlay can be continuously looped by spamming the 'I said quit!' button repeatedly
- fix for placing chests on ponds
- Stencil bug fix fixes shadow creatures.
- Fixed red/green lines on minimap.
- Add inspection text for a planted pinecone on Maxwell and Wickerbottom
- Fix for "placing" an item out of a container instead of inventory was not removing the item from the container, resulting in a crash
- Minimap rendering optimizations.
- Fix for - The user becomes stuck on a non-functional debug screen when using the 'Deconstruction Staff' on a open 'Chest'
- objects aren't deployable from containers
- Fix for - The title crashes upon depleting the 'Star Caller's Staff'
- cancel deploy/plant action if selected inventory item is changed
- deerclops targets you after he finishes attacking your base
- Fix not being able to re-map an analog axis between positive and negative without remapping it to something else first
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