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This thread is to announce new updates and hotfixes.

Hotfixes for Don't Starve are usually not provided as GOG downloads, but via the game's updater.

Run this file: ...\Don't Starve\updater\16\updater.exe (where "..." means the folder where you installed the game)

Since "It's Not a Rock" update, there's a new updater:
...\Don't Starve\updater\17\updater.exe

Since "Strange New Powers" update, there's a new updater:
...\Don't Starve\updater\18\updater.exe

Since "All's Well that Maxwell" update, there's a new updater:
...\Don't Starve\updater\19\updater.exe

After the updater has started, you're asked for a registration key.
Use the serial number provided by GOG at the game's detail pane in your account (Look for "My serial number: ...").

Just in case:
If the updater doesn't start at all, but gives you a message, that something is wrong with your configuration, you should try the workaround from that thread.

Recent Hotfixes:

May 22 Hotfix (78176):

Snow shows up on the ground again
Koalefant doesn't disappear forever if you visit the caves
Fix for corrupt save issue in "Two Worlds"
Bees go home in winter
Pickables don't regrow in winter
Fix for empty birdcage crashes
Fix for slurtlehole quake and death crash
Fix for translations on linux/osx

May 23 Hotfix (78281):

Fixed opengl crash when going into caves in windowed mode
Mixed missing phonograph
Fixed wall health not serializing properly
fixed burnable pickable save and quit exploit
fixed rare crash with mines
Smallbirds will still be your friend if you save and reload.
Remove buildable cave turfs (they were a debug thing that got checked in by accident)

May 24 Hotfix (78379):

Fixed email newsletter signup button
Fixed crash resulting from killing a spitting spider before he attacks, and then pressing the space bar near the world originFixed generation problem in "Darkness" that was causing invisible ground tiles
Fixed save/load issue with McTusk camp hounds that was leading to huge hound hordes
Fixed crash when removing sleeping birds from cages
Quakes don't drop rocks behind walls, so slurtles don't try to follow them
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May 28 Hotfix (78485)

Ice overlay is visible at dusk and night
Fix crash when earthquakes are happening
Fixed issue with updater where it wouldn't work from a UNICODE install path
Fixed "white screen" issue caused by latest Chrome update

May 29 Hotfix (78535)

Fixed crash involving world transitions, insanity monsters, and bystander rabbits with particular GUIDS
Burnt evergreens serialize properly now
The update called "It's Not a Rock" is released!
With it came a new updater.exe, which is stored in ...\Don't Starve\updater\17\updater.exe

Here is the official announcement:

New Things To Discover:

Peaceful rock lobster herds roam the gloomy depths.
Bunnymen turn into beardlords when your sanity is low.
Ever wonder what's right below a tentacle? MORE TENTACLE!
The invasive Lureplant will taunt you with its delicious veggiemeat.
Eat exotic cave bananas!
Ferns! You can burn 'em!
More colourful mushtree varieties.
Stalagmites come in more varied shapes.

New Things to Craft and Use!

The vampiric BatBat.
The marginally useful Compass.

New Map Generation Features:

Gaze into the abyss in the caves!
Cave walls are prettier.
Cave layouts are... caveier.

Other Tuning and Fixes:

Time passes aboveground and belowground, independent of your current location.
You can regenerate a cave from its entrance (just for testing!)
Crops can grow underground, if you keep them lit.
Added a proper "Always dark" preset to levelgen.
Equippable items remember which slot they are from.
Snurtle Shell Armour will now cause enemies to lose interest in you if you hide for over 5 seconds.
Plantables can't be planted on nonsensical ground types.
Added toggleable "notebook mode" and "small texture mode" options for lowspec machines.
Fixed some bad mip chains that were causing trouble for some graphics cards.
Fixed libegl crash that was happening for some old Intel cards.
Iceboxes can be place closer together.
Fixed pig torch crash.
Fixed spoilage stack exploit.

New Modding features:

New sample mods, "sampleprefab" and "samplecharacter", which includes an art template for character skins.
Reworked the loading of textures and other assets so you no longer have to use package.path, LoadPrefabDefs, LoadPrefabs, or prefabs.xml
This does require the use of PrefabFiles and Assets in modmain.lua, see the sample mods for an example.
Can overwrite basically any asset just by putting it in the same relative path in a mod folder.
Lots of improvements to error reporting, and generally more helpful errors when something isn't working.
Crafting menu tab spacing is now dynamic, so adding a new entry to RECIPETABS will automatically align the tab bar.
Container widgets can have a custom background image specified.
World gen scripts can now be overridden from a mod. Time to make some crazy places!
Mods now have access to luasockets on windows. (dun dun DUUUUUN!)
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June 12 Hotfix (79484)

Fix for some crash when entering caves in Chrome (doesn't concern the GOG version of the game)
Fix for random cave crashes on all platforms
Tentacle pillars will attack slurtles, rocklobsters
The update called "Strange New Powers" is released!
With it came a new updater.exe, which is stored in ...\Don't Starve\updater\18\updater.exe

Here is the official announcement:

Strange New Powers Release Notes (7/2/2013):

New Character:
Woodie the Lumberjack
He's a fun-loving Canadian who spends too much time in the woods. His axe talks to him, and he has a terrible curse.

New special powers for the unlockable characters:

Gets a sanity bonus from being near fire
Impervious to fire damage (and probably heat when that becomes a Thing)
Gets a unique lighter that acts as an infinite torch with a very small radius
Has a lower max sanity
Lights fires at random when her sanity is low

Can eat spoiled food with no penalty
Starts with very low stats, but can upgrade himself by eating gears.
Takes damage in the rain, but creates light from the sparks
Can get hit by lightning, causing a system overload that makes him run faster and glow in the dark

Has pathetic, low stats
Can make balloon animals

Has a large stomach
Faster sanity drain in the dark and near scary things
Gets damage and health bonuses when his belly is full (and penalties when it is empty!)

Lower combat damage
Less afraid of the dark and monsters.
Carries around abigail's flower. When it is charged (it takes a couple of days), a blood sacrifice will summon Abigail!
Abigail is a lot more useful now, and will last until she falls in battle

Gets a bonus tech level
Has a high max sanity
Can craft books that can be read to cast powerful magic spells
Insomniac - can not sleep
Picky eater - higher penalties for spoiled food

New creatures:
Splumonkeys - Cave-dwelling monkeys that just want to cause you trouble. Nothing is safe from their pestering!
Pengulls - Mostly harmless penguinoids who leap from the ocean in the winter to form rookeries. Be careful if you disrupt their migration!

New craftables:
We added a new tab for gem-based items, and added amulets and staffs for all of the existing colours. Watch this space for more mind-bending magic in future updates!

Red amulet - resurrects as before, but also converts hunger into health
Blue amulet - harness the power of cold!
Purple amulet - Dare to gaze upon the terrifying nightmare world.
Purple staff - Warp space and time with teleportation!

There is a new mod configuration screen that lets you activate/deactivate mods from within the game.
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The new update is crashing the game when launching, I contacted support btw.
Fixed it by copying data from a friends Steam copy yesterday after much fiddling around, but received a response from support this early morning that worked too or maybe Klei did something, not sure but it worked!
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Wealin: The new update is crashing the game when launching, I contacted support btw.
Fixed it by copying data from a friends Steam copy yesterday after much fiddling around, but received a response from support this early morning that worked too or maybe Klei did something, not sure but it worked!
It's working by now. They had forgotten to include some files in the update package (hence the crashes) and had to restart the distribution process.
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July 3 Hotfix (80753)

Fix for some older integrated video cards
Fix for luaplant crash
Fix for bug with red amulet trying to heal user while at full health.
Fix woodie hud transition bug
Fix for wx78 overcharge sound getting stuck
(Mods) Allow setting atlases for ingredients
Added cave entrance option to world gen screen
The update called "Hungry For Your Hunger" is released!
Here is the official announcement:

Hungry For Your Hunger Release Notes (7/29/2013):

New Creatures:
- The adorable Slurper is a glowing cave-dweller who is hungry for your hunger.
- A new mechanical minion, the Clockwork Castle, has been seen stomping around Maxwell’s parts of the world.

More Gemology:
- Yellow and Orange gems can now be found while spelunking underground.
- Star Caller’s staff (yellow gem) - Summon your very own tiny star for light and warmth!
- The Lazy Forager’s amulet (orange gem) - Because bending over to pick things up is so beneath you!
- Telelocator Focus - Use this construction to control the wild energies of your Telelocator Staff.

Other improvements:
- Control customization! Change your control settings from the main menu. (At last!)
- The research system has been shuffled around to separate Magic and Science; build the new Prestihatitator to access the Magic side of research.
- Splumonkeys will now pick up (and wear!) hats. Who doesn't love a monkey in a hat?

Modding changes:
- The new Modding API is beginning to take shape; functions have been added for hooking into Actions, States, and Worldgen (Levels, Tasks, and Rooms). An API example project is available here.
- Example projects removed from distribution as they were not really meant for general use. These have been uploaded to the forums and maintained there.
- The way tech levels in Recipes is specified has changed to reflect the new tech trees; see recipes.lua for examples of how this looks now.
- In order to ensure loading consistency, “data/” has been removed from all asset paths. Assets with this in the path name will no longer load.

July 26 Hotfix (82282):
- If the game can't load due to broken mods, it will disable all mods on the next load. These mods can be re-enabled from the menu.
- Fixed a crash when some creatures die, including Chester. (Not that you should ever let Chester die....)
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August 01 Hotfix (82634):
- Fixed an issue with Hungry For Your Hunger release, causing slowdown on certain computer configurations
The update called "The Stuff Of Nightmares" is released!
Here is the official announcement.

The Stuff Of Nightmares Release Notes (Aug 20 2013):

- Walls have been removed from the cave levels to improve the gameplay experience.
- Splumonkeys and Slurpers have ventured further underground and taken refuge within the second level!
- The Gemology tab has been removed. Items from this tab are now either in the magic or ancients tab.
- Orange and yellow gems no longer drop from stalagmites and earthquakes in level 1 of the caves.
- Slurpers no longer drop beard hair.
- The cost of the Prestihatitator was adjusted.
- Cleaned up the main menu by moving many of the buttons into the "Options" sub menu.
- The camera now rotates in 90 degree chunks again.
- Added more bindable controls.
- There is now separate action and attack buttons.


World Generation:
- New Level: The Ruins!
The abandoned ruins of a once great civilization is now in the second level of the Caves.
Discover the cause of their demise while you explore five new areas within the ruins.

New Creatures:
- You will come across ancient clockwork monsters in the ruins.
- The terrifying Ancient Guardian lurks within the labyrinth.
- Beware of ambush! The Dangling Depth Dweller spider has been added.

New Items:
New crafting tab: Ancients!
Discoverable Items:
- Thulecite
- Slurper Pelt
- Green Gems
- Lichen
- Broken Clockworks
- Relics
- Statues
- Nightmare Lights
- Ancient Pseudoscience Station
- Pillars
- Ornate Chests
- Thulecite Walls
- Wilds Pond
Craftable Items:
- The Pick/Axe: Dual functionality!
- Magiluminesense: Light the way while keeping your hands and head free for activities!
- The Lazy Explorer: Don't like walking? This staff is for you!
- Construction Amulet: See all the inefficiencies in your crafting.
- Thulecite Medallion: Track the ebb and flow of ambient magic levels.
- Belt of Hunger: Keep all that important food inside you!
- Thulecite Suit: Protection from things hitting you.
- Thulecite Club: Hit things!

- Keep track of your deaths in the new Morgue Screen.

Modding Support:
- Translations can now be distributed as mods.
- Many modding API additions including access to world gen, brains, cookpot recipes and more!

August 21 Hotfix (83742)
- Fixed a crash that was caused when certain items were loaded.
- Fixed an issue that caused old worlds to sometimes crash
- Fixed an issue that caused crashes when using traps.
- Changed the camera rotation back to 45 degrees.
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August 22 Hotfix (83854)
- Fixed additional issues with traps
- There is an attack button (F) and an action button (space), and a force attack modifier (ctrl)
- You can hold these buttons to repeat actions/attacks
- The action radius is the size that it used to be
- The attack button will autowalk you to a target if you are not currently WASD walking
- Dragging the mouse to walk, and then passing over the UI will not stop you
- The attack button will not automatically target friendlies or neutrals. You can use the force attack button with it to initiate combat
- If you press attack, and there's nothing around, nothing happens. This feels kinda gross, but it was confusing if you whiffed on a friendly.
- Action button mining works again
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August 23 Hotfix (83974)
- Fixed crash when rook smashes certain structures
- Adjusted targeting rules for attack button - will attack previous target and 'enemy' structures by default
The update called "A Moderately Friendly Update" is released!
Here is the official announcement.

A Moderately Friendly Update Release Notes (Sep 10 2013 - Build 85009):

Additions & Changes

- New Damaged Knight
- New Nightmare Monkey
- Slurpers are now more aggressive.
- You can repair chess junk piles with gears to spawn a friendly chess mob.
- Sped up the descent of the depth dweller spiders.
- Splumonkeys no longer use the “follower” component while they harass you. This should make fighting back easier.

- Added a day/night cycle to the sinkholes (this is not synced with the upper world)
- Added a new pillar type into level 1 caves.

- Houndius Shootius - Protection from nasties.
- Potted ferns - Make that base look good.
- Deconstruction Staff - Save precious materials.
- Thulecite Walls - A wall made of thulecite!
- Thulecite Crown

- Items in the ruins will now sometimes drop “Thulecite Fragments” which can be refined into thulecite.
- The ancient guardian will now drop a horn when killed.
- Fishing in the wilds ponds will now produce an eel.
- Changed the art for the monkey spawner.
- Increased the number of uses the Pick/Axe has.

Bug Fixes:
- You can no longer fix walls with healing items.
- Ice hounds will no longer spawn in great numbers from walrus camps.
- Woodie will no longer slide around the world when in wherebeaver mode.
- The Magiluminescence amulet no longer gives off light while on the ground.
- Fixed a crash that would occur when enemies destroyed structures.

Modding Support:
New asset pipeline tools in alpha release!
- Animation importer for Spriter. Spriter is included with the Don’t Starve Mod Tools and the projects will be processed and imported into the game.
- Automatic atlas generator for .png images. No more fiddling around, now a .tex and .xml file will be created for each .png in your mod.
- Custom audio banks and events. Using FMOD designer you can create your own sound banks and run them in the game.
These tools are still in development and should be considered experimental.
In addition:
- Re-laid out the mods screen in anticipation of controller support.[i][/i]

September 12 Hotfix (85089)
- Fixed crash when taking the teleportato to the next survival world
- Fixed crash when attacking a shadow creature
- Fixed crash when continuing a save slot that is between worlds
- Fixed map screen pan sensitivity
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The update called "Six Feet Under" is released!
Here is the official announcement.

A Moderately Friendly Update Release Notes (Oct 01 2013 - Build 86492):

- You can now dig up turf that is underneath a road.

- Added a worm enemy to the caves.
- The Ancient Guardian has a new short range melee attack that it will use when its target is close.
- Rooks can no longer instantly kill any monster in the game during a charge.
- Followers will have an easier time keeping up with their leader.
- Fire hounds are now freezable, but with a higher resistance than normal.
- Ice hounds are now burnable.

- You can no longer regenerate caves.
- Followers will follow you between cave levels.
- Time is synced across cave levels.
- Resurrection mechanics work between cave levels.
- The nightmare has further influenced the caves. Fissures can be found throughout.
- Spilagmites work like rocks and can be totally destroyed.
- Added new art for the entrance to the ruins.
- Cave world generation changes:
-- Improved cave generation. Areas should feel more unique.
-- Added a couple new biomes:
--- Red and Green fungus forests
--- Sunken Swamps

- The worm drops a magical food item.
- The Thulecite Crown has a new magical effect.
- Fire darts can now target non-burnable creatures, but will not do damage. You can use them to thaw frozen creatures.

- Controller support added! A few screens and objects still need to be implemented, but the game is mostly playable with a controller. Expect to see improvements in controller functionality within the next update.

Bug Fixes
- Wilson no longer says "It's getting late, I should make a fire" while in the caves.
- Wilson will no longer say "It's too bright out." when attempting to use a sleeping item in the caves during the day time.
- Sanity loss no longer changes based on time of day in the caves.
- MacTusk can now pathfind back to his camp if he's led very far away from it.
- Improved graphical effects on MacTusks projectile.
- Beefalo will now wake up when they're on fire.
- You can no longer trade with sleeping pigs.
- Removed small holes in cave worlds that were previously pillars.
- Player now reacts to bee and mosquito attacks.
- Canceling a placement while wielding an item with a right click action will no longer trigger that action.

- Required setpieces and prefabs are now specified in level files instead of being hardcoded in world gen. This means you no longer have to have teleportatos in your custom levels. Check out "ordered_story_setpieces" and "required_prefabs" in scripts/maps/levels/survival.lua to see how we are using this for our own maps.
- Mod uploader now works on all platforms.
- A bunch of new modding tutorials have been made. Check them out here

October 3rd Hotfix (86743)
- Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes while picking up items.
- Added strings to new items.
- Added new button icons for the controller.
- Fixed a bug that caused the controller buttons to conflict with language mods
- Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when entering a cave.
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