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Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition Main features
- Bring RPGs back to the living room with dynamic split-screen support for consoles. Enjoy side-by-side co-op play with friends, family, and demons summoned from other-worldly planes
- Tired of your mouse and keyboard? Get full controller support for one and two players on all major platforms (PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4)
- Hear the world come alive with full AAA voice-overs for all characters
- Enjoy a bigger and better story, with new quests, locations, and characters with new dialogue.
- Discover new battle styles with Dual Wielding, Wands, and Grenades
- Try new game modes including Explorer Mode (for players who want to focus on story and/or are genre novices) and Honour Mode (for experienced tacticians ready to face brutal encounters, puzzles, and new monsters)
- New and improved user interface, graphics, animations, sounds, and visual effects

- Full controller support for one and two players (allowing side-by-side play on all platforms)
- Dynamic split-screen support for side-by-side co-op play (all platforms)
- Sleek new UI for use with controller (all platforms)

- Full AAA voice-overs for all characters (over 350,000 words)
- New sound effects and improvements made to existing effects

- Enhanced storyline with new quests and situations
- New areas, characters, dialogue, and quests
- Main quest revamped to include more characters, more events, and more adventure
- A new ending, with a reworked and expanded plot
- Existing quests updated and polished
- Storyline background expanded
- Companions now banter and argue with one another
- New styles of play: Dual Wielding, Wands, and Grenades
- Dual wield daggers, wands, and other one-handed weapons. Invest skill points in the new Dual Wielding ability to improve your proficiency.
- Hurl elemental, area of effect, status-setting, and damage-causing grenades. This comes with the new Bombardier ability, letting you spend skill points to improve your proficiency.
- Wands are brand new one-handed ranged weapons dealing elemental damage. They come pre-charged with an additional powerful skill that the player can invoke 1-4 times, depending on his or her Wand skill level. The skill also determines your attack range with wands (from barely-out-of-melee to bow-level).
- New game difficulty modes:
- Explorer mode. Formerly "Casual," Explorer players will face less-fierce enemies and enjoy a higher chance of knocking them dead, freeing up the player's time to discover, craft, sleuth, and travel outside of combat.
- Classic mode. Formerly called "Normal mode."
- Tactician mode. A brand new game setting that features smarter, stronger enemies to challenge combat-oriented players.
- Honour mode. All the challenge of Tactician mode, but in Honour mode you only have a single save and a single life (no resurrecting!) at your disposal. If your character goes down, it's game over.
- Tactician and Honour modes feature re-designed encounters and puzzles, including new mechanics, monsters, skills, and challenges. Enemy AI is more intelligent and designed to defend against past players' most commonly-used tactics.
- New traps have been added, making tactics, puzzles, and simply moving around in the world more challenging than ever.
- New skills and skill system
- New tiered skill system ('Novice', 'Adept', 'Master') allows you to learn devastating new abilities as you progress in your chosen school of magic
- 15+ new skills featuring custom animations and damage
- Improved AI and encounters
- Existing encounters have been improved and re-balanced to provide a more consistent experience throughout all zones
- Now includes upgraded AI to better counter the player’s tactics
- Updated system makes crafting more intuitive
- New creatures
- Elemental Wards, Enchanted Armours, Bolt-stricken Zombie, Arcane Vortex, Nether Jester, Poison Slug, Spitfire Totem, Void Crystal, Oilskin ExploSkeleton, Soul of Desperation, Angry Chest
- New cut scenes added and old cut scenes improved

Balancing and Gameplay:
- Skills have been rebalanced and redistributed into skill schools in more cohesive themes
- Balancing changes have made mid- and late-game combat more dynamic and engaging
- Existing abilities and talents have been rebalanced
- Weapon ability progression has been updated to differentiate play styles based on weapon types (e.g. the 'Two-handed weapons' theme now focuses on slow weapons that do monstrous damage with each strike, while 'Dual Wielding' is centered around unleashing a hail of rapid blows on your enemies)
- Vendors offer more variety and sell better loot
- Magical items are built up differently
- Items' use requirements have been revised
- Economy (gold value and rarity of all items) has been revised
- Treasure generation and traders have been overhauled to be less random and use a system that guarantees better variation in drops over time
- Weapons, armour, shields, potions, and statuses have been rebalanced
- Our top secret formulas that calculate hit chances, crit chances, damage, armour, blocking, and more have all been carefully revised and improved
- 'Saving throws' formula has been improved
- New items and item combos added for creating wands and grenades

- 360-degree camera, with improved art assets for viewing at all angles
- Reworked visuals for improved performance
- Textures were updated to improve performance
- DirectX 11 was added, which improves performance.
- Because of these changes, the game now only works on 64-bit Operating Systems
- New animations and effects
- New animations for new weapon types (wands and dual wielding)
- New effects and animations for new skills, but also enhanced existing skills
- New custom animations for all NPCs
- New animations for new creatures and destructibles
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Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Changelog for Patch / GOG-4 (Windows) (added 29 October 2015):

- Fix for crashing book UI in 4K resolutions
- Fix for rare case where items could become invisible. Items will be restored.
- Fix for backspace not working in chat
- Added error message for windows vista and windows 7 without SP1
- Fixed blocking issue in French that would block progress in combat
- Fixed incorrect text in Russian in chat window
- Fixed direct connect issue when no internet connection
- Fixed equipping from other inventory
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Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Changelog for patch / GOG-5 (Windows) (added 30 October 2015):

- Fix for invisible items in containers
- Fix for Crafting interface in Polish
- Fix for book interface in Russian
- Fix for sometimes having to click multiple times to pick up items
- Fix for not being able to assign skill points under certain conditions
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Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Changelog for patch / GOG-6 (Windows) (added 05 November 2015):

- On pickup: do not stack items automatically inside a container in your inventory
- Fixed disarm toolkit being destroyed on cancelling disarm
- Fixed Victoria's book: Forgotten Language of Faery not always generating correctly
- Fixed summon spells or other tasks being cancelled during casting due to tutorial pop-up
- Henchman UI : added class icon
- Fixed minor issues with crafting
- Fixed problem with holding button to craft on high FPS
- Fixed henchman UI disappearing on controller layout
- Fixed henchman base stats
- Fixed camera issue with play at the fair in Cyseal
- Honour mode now correctly deletes savegame on game over
- Fixed skills not being reset during character respec
- Stat and ability point compendiums no longer disappear from vendor
- Fixed not being able to right-click in sneak mode
- Fixed some containers not opening
- Fixed issue with skillbook requirements when you already have this skill from wand
- Fixed button hint position of containers when opening from active search or inventory
- Fixed popping left and right for compare tooltips
- Fixed zoom being blocked when chatlog is pinned
- Fixed pickpocket only working once when stealing nothing
- Fixed issues with tutorials in split-screen
- While in controller mode and pressing alt-f4, allow keyboard and mouse input
- Fixed crash when dragging and picking up items at the same time
- Fixed black screen issue when switching active character right before loading other region
- Fixed camera focus issue on void dragon
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Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Changelog for patch /GOG-7 (Windows) (added 12 November 2015):

- Fixed unlocking the lever in Hiberheim with a key
- Fixed icon and text for containers that were already opened and empty
- Pickpocket crash fix for taking items that had no weight
- Fixed a leak in video playback thread
- Items automatically stack if character already had item in container (e.g. backpack, chest, crate) unless that container is locked
- Lucky find effect fixed
- Fixed crash that happened for some savegames that were made in Luculla forest (trying to destroy troll dropping)
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Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Changelog for patch / (gog-7) -> (gog-8) (Windows) (added 11 December 2015):

- On-screen notifications improved
- Added range to grenade tool-tips
- Added correct feedback to use of certain skills in skills menu and hotbar
- Added feature that allows you to equip items from other characters in your party via equipment screen (controller only)
- Added henchman class icons to henchmen list
- Added several missing sound events
- Improved scrolling in several interfaces
- Improved default sound levels
- Changed collecting behaviour for stacked items inside containers
- Fixed input issue with identifying items
- Fixed issue that could block connectivity to local host on startup and new game
- Fixed UI issues in options menu
- Fixed graphical issues in endgame level
- Fixed camera issues during combat
- Fixed character assignment issues
- Fixed item names flickering when a lot of loot is on the screen
- Fixed various UI issues related to text not fitting in message-boxes
- Fixed blocking issue related to loading while several characters are in dialog/listening mode
- Fixed Combat flow issue
- Fixed issue with cancelling an action removing sneak mode
- Fixed usability issues with picking up items near player characters
- Fixed issue with disappearing statuses during combat
- Fixed stuck camera input when ending turn
- Fixed game freezing when joining lobby twice
- Fixed update of tool-tips when identifying
- Fixed crafting with ingredients in containers
- Fixed destruction of disarm toolkit when cancelling action
- Fixed camera focus issue during the play at the fair in Cyseal
- Fixed loyalty issue between AI personality and main player
- Fixed issue with skill requirement if you already have the skill from a wand
- Fixed compare with offhand weapon in inventory and trade
- Fixed pick up issue related to weight and stacked items
- Fixed general problem with getting stuck in dialog
- Fixed issue that combat music would stop when disconnecting a controller
- Fixed shambling mound wand recipe
- Fixed several localization issues
- Fixed Multiplayer crash related to host having player profile window open
- Fixed wands sometimes not adding skill to hotbar
- Fixed issues with text not fitting on several screens
- Fixed henchman filters
- Fixed crash related to having too many items in player inventories and trader inventories (savegames should load now)
- Fixed Hortun and Charla quest not ending correctly (Phantom Forest)
- Fixed crash when closing the game
- Fixed getting stuck when dying with a shovel in hand
- Fixed wrong alignments with certain NPC's (usually in the End of Time)
- Fixed several issues related to magic mirror in End of Time region
- Fixed issues with exploding corpses
- Fixed Mouse leaving screen in full screen mode
- Fixed possible crash while using pickpocket
high rated
Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Changelog for patch / GOG-9 (Windows) / GOG-1 (Linux) / GOG-? (Mac) (added 28 December 2015):

- added the Mac & Linux versions of Divinity: Original Sin.
- fixed a number of stability issues reported by players.

Changelog for patch GOG-4 (Mac) (added 29 December 2015):

- We've uploaded a patch for the Mac version of Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition that fixes a number of small issues for Spanish language users.
When do you think we will see Patch, that just came out on steam?
mm324: When do you think we will see Patch, that just came out on steam?
mm324: When do you think we will see Patch, that just came out on steam?
How :)
high rated
Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Changelog for patch / GOG-10 (Windows) / GOG-7 (Mac) / GOG-3 (Linux) (added 10 March 2016):

- Made certain ingredients for recipes drop more often
- Updated weapon stats for Bairdotr's bow
- Added Tectonic Spray skillbook recipe
- Added notification when failing to identify an item
- Rebalanced combat at the end of the game
- Tweaked mushroom combats in Dark Forest (related to poison clouds)
- Protection crystals are not destructible by default
- Tweaked headless zombie behavior
- Tweaked Icara and Icandra script to not use healing spells on characters that have Zombie Talent
- Removed 10 page limit for books
- Fixed select button in character creation for classes that only take skills from one skill school
- Fixed icon for Burn My Eyes scroll
- Fixed issues with bottom bar not refreshing correctly
- Fixed issue with active search while character is being teleported
- Fixed getting stuck in dialog with Zixzax near endgame (and possibly other scenarios)
- Fixed NPC behavior issues regarding exchanging items between party members and involuntarily triggering guard response
- Fixed slider for splitting items
- Fixed position issues for Turn Order interface, specifically in splitscreen mode
- Fixed issue with dialogs that had several possible answers
- Fixed crash regarding surfaces
- Fixed dialog issue regarding Bjorn and Mara escort quest
- Fixed Warden chasing Hopper in Hiberheim
- Fixed having dead party members that could not be resurrected
- Fixed bartering issue when bartering and donating same items
- Fixed several effects that were looping after combat ended
- Fixed certain types of enemy wards being incorrectly aligned with players
- Fixed Zixzax not opening certain rooms in Homestead
- Fixed amulet being automatically equipped (Hiberheim)
- Fixed certain status descriptions
- Fixed henchmen changing stats on reload
- Fixed crash during unloading of level
- Fixed possible rare crash when using doors to load a different region
- Fixed projectile orientation in certain circumstances
- Fixed ‘close’ button on book interface
- Fixed map markers being shown in different regions
- Fixed Headless Nick giving two skillbooks
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Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Changelog for patch (Editor) / GOG-11 (Windows) (added 22 March 2016):

- This patch adds the Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition Mod Editor.
- Please note that this Editor is for Windows only.
Hello, there's a new patch on Steam right now... Which makes it impossible to do coop with a Steam friend at the moment. Do you know when that new patch will be released on GoG? Thank you in advance. Also I hope I posted at the right place. If not, feel free to erase my message.
massplus: Hello, there's a new patch on Steam right now... Which makes it impossible to do coop with a Steam friend at the moment. Do you know when that new patch will be released on GoG? Thank you in advance. Also I hope I posted at the right place. If not, feel free to erase my message.